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The Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Edition
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The Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Edition The Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Edition The Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Edition The Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Edition The Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Edition The Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Edition The Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Edition The Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Edition

The Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Edition



I'm thrilled to announce the production run of The Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Edition! This special edition, commemorating a decade of magic innovation and excellence, is strictly limited to just 100 copies, making it a truly exclusive collector's item.

I was approached to make a set of Spirit Slates for a private commission, but I no longer had the components and materials from the last production run over two years ago. This challenge inspired me to create an entirely new design from scratch, incorporating the latest materials and cutting-edge technology. The final result was fresh and exciting, and I knew I had to share it with the magic community. 

Described as 'the Rolls Royce of Spirit Slates', the latest version of The Ragged School Slates boasts a brand new design and advanced electronics. I've replaced the traditional remote control and external switches with state-of-the-art haptics and an accelerometer, allowing for seamless and intuitive interaction. Externally, the slates are completely clean and can be inspected and admired from every angle.

At the heart of The Ragged School Slates is an open-source hardware ARM-based embedded system running Python code. This powerful combination allows you to modify and create brand-new performances using a simple program editor. If you're uncomfortable with programming, don't worry – I can create the custom code for you. Simply drag and drop it onto your slates, and you're ready to perform!

While incorporating the latest technology, I've retained some beloved features from earlier versions. The silent zero-gravity magnetic plates are still a key component, ensuring smooth and noiseless performance. Additionally, each slate comes with a pair of ornate, super-stable, and heavy slate display stands. These stands are designed to keep your slates securely in place, ensuring they never fall over on stage, providing both functionality and elegance.

Unlike standard spirit slates, The Ragged School Slates allow the spectator to hear the chalk writing and feel it. They enable you to reveal two messages, make a billet vanish and reappear, and many more endless possibilities.

The improved design boasts a host of new features, including:

Fully Programmable: Every parameter can be easily modified to suit your performance.

Play Any Sound: Simply import a provided MP3 file, and you're ready to go. Spirit voices, scratching, even music, it's all possible.

100% Silent Plates: No clank or clatter; these are completely silent, guaranteed.

Zero Gravity Plates: They fall up as well as down for a totally clean and seamless operation.

Hand-Aged Authenticity: Each set is meticulously aged to look like genuine Victorian school slates.

* Rechargeable Battery: Supplied with a high energy density Li-Po battery to deliver continuous and reliable power.

The Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Edition package comes with ALL this -

* 1x Antiqued Wooden Magnetic Slate
* 1x Antiqued Wooden Electronic Slate
* 2x Silent Plates
* 2x Slate Stands
* 1x Board Rubber
* Micro SD Card & SD Card Converter
* Charging & Data cables
* 1x Black Canvas Change Bag
* Chalk
* Exclusive Additional Effect 'The Foundling'
* Storage Boxes
* Tutorial Video & New Routine Ideas
* New Updated Slate Sound Files
* Free programming service 

(Each Slate Dimensions - W 254mm x H 230mm x D 25mm)

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What the reviews say - 

**Things of Beauty!  5 Stars**

_"The sound of the chalk scratching the board and its unmistakable vibration coming through to your fingertips is a wonderfully chilling addition and coupled with their otherwise totally silent operation (a great boon in seance setting) and i cannot wait to get them into my show."_ 

**Exceeded Expectations!  5 Stars**

_"I love these slates! The Ragged School Slates exceeded my expectations in looks, features and actions, and effect."_ 

**They work like butter! 5 Stars**

The Foundling Routine

All orders will also receive an additional bonus effect specifically designed for the Ragged School Slates, 'The Foundling' which includes 3 decks of aged foundling photographs and a canvas change bag. 

In this effect, a spectator randomly selects a foundling's photograph which contains a short history written on the reverse.  The same child's spirit then comes through and leaves a message on the slates.  This effect can also be performed twice in row with no reset!

Once you are aware of the method the effect can be easily modified and personalized to suit your performance and location.

Upgrade available

Do you already own versions one or two of The Ragged School Slates? Upgrade options are available! The non-destructive electronics upgrade is straightforward to install and will bring your slates up to the latest standard. Additionally, you can purchase the new, super stable slate stands to enhance your setup.

Check out the upgrade options here.

Fulfillment Schedule

Orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis, with shipping beginning in August. My goal is to have all orders completed and in your hands before Halloween. Please note that Lebanon Circle is a one-man business, and I personally handle every aspect of the production process and nothing is outsourced.


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