Ragged School Slates V2 Audio Upgrade – Lebanon Circle Prop & Illusion Design
Ragged School Slates V2 Audio Upgrade
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Ragged School Slates V2 Audio Upgrade


An audio upgrade is now available for The Ragged School Slates.  This is a non-essential upgrade, therefore if you are happy with your slates as they are, then maybe better the devil you know, but if you are curious then read on...

The upgrade is non-destructive and straightforward to install.  

The V2 Upgrade Kit includes -

  • 1x Audio Module
  • 1x RC Transmitter
  • Toe/lapel Switch

  • 16GB MicroSD Card & Card Reader
  • Soundproofed foam enclosure
  • Instruction Manual & Video Link to Tutorial
  • Upgrade Service (optional, see below)

Upgrade Benefits

Standard Batteries

The new audio upgrade uses standard AAA batteries (Duracell brand is recommended) instead of smaller rechargeable cells purely for performance reliability. Inserting brand new batteries before each performance gives you the confidence that the slates are fully charged and will work when required.
Battery life is approximately 40 hours, based on using 3 x AAA batteries that are 2500mAh rating. Battery life example: One single 10 second sound file will playback 14,400 times.

Louder Scratching

The new audio device has a built in amplifier so you can make your slates as loud or as quiet as required.  Please note, there is no physical volume control; the mp3 file determines the playback level.  

SD Card

Sounds are now loaded and arranged on a supplied MicroSD card, no more USB cables.

Additional Performance Peace of Mind

Using a cunningly concealed fibre optic cable, the performer now has visual confirmation that the slates are working even when they are in the hands of a spectator.  A slight modification to the wooden frame is required to use this feature, but it is straightforward.

Upgrade Service

For an additional fee, I can install the audio upgrade for you and give your slate a polish and chalkboard resurface if required.

You will need to cover the shipping cost one way.  The following prices include the complete upgrade to V2, refurbishment and return shipping.

UK - £35
EU - £45
Rest of the World - £55

The DIY upgrade kit is shipped globally for free.

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