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Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Upgrades
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Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Upgrades Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Upgrades Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Upgrades Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Upgrades

Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Upgrades


Do you already own versions one or two of The Ragged School Slates? Upgrade options are available! The non-destructive electronics upgrade is straightforward to install and will bring your slates up to the latest standard. Additionally, you can purchase the new, super stable slate stands to enhance your setup.

Electronics Upgrade for V1 & V2

The Ragged School Slates 10th Anniversary Edition uses a revolutionary and intuitive method of operation never before seen in magic. Say goodbye to external buttons, remote controls, and toe switches. These slates are entirely hands-free, providing you with all the information you need through advanced haptics—even while sealed.

While displayed upright on their stands, the slates remain inactive and can be handled by the performer. Once held flat and parallel to the floor, you'll feel a short pulse, signalling that the slate audio will trigger in 10 seconds. Hand the slates to a spectator, and when the sound occurs, you're ready to reveal the message from the spirit world. Accidentally triggered? Simply rotate the slates 90 degrees to the right within the 10-second window to cancel the audio playback, indicated by two short pulses. The slates will reset and sleep for 20 seconds, allowing you to continue seamlessly.

Every aspect of the operation is customizable via a simple online Python programming tool. You can adjust the audio delay time, accelerometer sensitivity, haptic pulse duration, and more. If you made an error, just reload the default program.

The onboard microcomputer features a built-in microphone, speaker, light and temperature sensors, and wireless communication through Radio and Bluetooth 5. The possibilities for experimentation and performance development are limitless.

If you are upgrading, installation is a breeze. Just remove the old electronics (cut any fibre optic cables and wires if you have V2), install the new circuit, and charge the battery. You'll be ready to go in less than five minutes.

The improved design boasts a host of new features, including:

Fully Programmable: Every parameter can be easily modified to suit your performance.

Play Any Sound: Simply import a provided MP3 file, and you're ready to go. Spirit voices, scratching, even music, it's all possible.

* Rechargeable Battery: Supplied with a high energy density Li-Po battery to deliver continuous and reliable power.

Upgrade Includes

  • New Electronics Board
  • Micro SD Card & SD Card Converter
  • Charging & Data cables
  • Tutorial Video & New Routine Ideas
  • New Updated Slate Sound Files
  • Free programming service 


Slate Stand Set

Elevate your magic with the 10th Anniversary Slate Stand Set, compatible with any spirit slates, even those from other producers. This set includes a pair of ornate, super-stable, and heavy slate display stands designed to keep your slates securely in place, ensuring they never fall over on stage. Combining functionality and elegance, these stands are perfect for any performance. Additionally, the set comes with a handy board rubber and removable slate props for easy transportation.

Upgrade includes - 

  • 2x Heavy Slate stands
  • 1x Board Rubber

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