The Ragged School Slates
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The Ragged School Slates The Ragged School Slates The Ragged School Slates The Ragged School Slates The Ragged School Slates The Ragged School Slates The Ragged School Slates The Ragged School Slates The Ragged School Slates The Ragged School Slates

The Ragged School Slates



Pre-Orders are now being taken for a late February/early March 2020 delivery.  These will also come with the exclusive Foundling routine and additional props.  Only 10 copies will be made for this production run.

Inspired by Roni Shachnaey's Abacus Spiritalis, Lebanon Circle Magic is proud to announce a limited production run of The Ragged School Slates. This new version of the classic 'talking' spirit slate effect comes with improved mechanics, construction and method.

Unlike standard spirit slates, The Ragged School Slates allow the spectator to not only hear the chalk writing on the slates, they can also feel it. They also give you the ability to reveal two messages, make a billet vanish and reappear; the possibilities are endless.

The improved design has a whole host of new features including -

  • Fully programmable and rechargeable via USB, simply import an mp3 file (provided) and you're ready to go
  • Audio is triggered by remote control with a programmable delay
  • 100% silent plates! No clank or clatter, these are completely silent guaranteed
  • The plates are also zero gravity! They fall up as well as down for a totally clean and seamless operation
  • Each set is hand aged to look like genuine Victorian school slates

Previous versions of these talking slates have become highly sought after as production ceased two years ago due to the untimely death of the Lebanon Circle carpenter. Due to a fortunate twist of fate, I am now have the resources to produce a limited run of what have been described as 'the Rolls Royce of Spirit Slates'.  To quote a customer, "they work like butter", you can't get better than that!

The Ragged School Slates package comes with all this -

  • 1x Antiqued Wooden Magnetic Slate
  • 1x Antiqued Wooden Electronic Slate
  • 2x Silent Plates
  • 2x Wooden Slate Stands
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x RC Transmitter
  • 1x Black Canvas Change Bag
  • Chalk
  • Exclusive Additional Effect 'The Foundling'
  • 2x Aged Storage Boxes
  • Tutorial Video
  • Slate Sound Files
  • Signed Certificate of Authenticity

(Each Slate Dimensions - W 254mm x H 230mm x D 25mm)

Exclusive Offer

All orders will also receive an additional bonus effect specifically designed for the Ragged School Slates, 'The Foundling' which includes 3 decks of aged foundling photographs and a canvas change bag. 

In this effect a spectator randomly selects a foundling's photograph which contains a short history written on the reverse.  The same child's spirit then comes though and leaves a message on the slates.  This effect can also be performed twice in row with no reset!

Once you are aware of the method the effect can be easily modified and personalized to suit your performance and location.

Please Note

Each set of slates is hand made to order and therefore takes longer to produce than other mass manufactured items.  The current build time is 2 weeks. 


Do not order the spare plates unless you own a copy of The Ragged School Slates, they are NOT compatible with any other slates on the market.

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