Cabinets of Curiosity - Vitrum Ostium – Lebanon Circle Prop & Illusion Design
Cabinets of Curiosity - Vitrum Ostium
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Cabinets of Curiosity - Vitrum Ostium Cabinets of Curiosity - Vitrum Ostium Cabinets of Curiosity - Vitrum Ostium Cabinets of Curiosity - Vitrum Ostium Cabinets of Curiosity - Vitrum Ostium Cabinets of Curiosity - Vitrum Ostium Cabinets of Curiosity - Vitrum Ostium

Cabinets of Curiosity - Vitrum Ostium


"Bizarrist, hearty congratulations. You're here just in time for the ultimate paratheatrical storytelling utility, VITRUM OSTIUM. Just take a moment and imagine all the routine-ing options that materialise when you can use this customisable, antique, glass-topped box to elegantly display and switch; Multiple cards, photographs, newspaper headlines, bookmarks, coins, cabinet cards, feathers, pressed flowers, hatpins, scrabble tiles, matchbooks, locks of hair and handwritten letters.

Did you? Excellent.

Now take the briefest of moments to consider pieces from your own collection that you can display, alongside these switchable artefacts; Doppelgängers, mummified fairies, Hand of Glory, rapping hands, pocket watches, pendulums, alphabet blocks, charms, fetishes, and figures.

Did you? Dizzy yet?

Yes, I am too. Practically giddy. The advent of this box has spun my head. VITRUM OSTIUM is some of my darkest dreams come true, and I'm here just in time to claim one."

- E.R. Perkins

Vitrum Ostium - Glass Door

Lebanon Circle Magic presents the first release in the Cabinets of Curiosity range. These hand-crafted display cases can be used to exhibit your prized artefacts and haunted relics, but they also possess a unique magical function.

Vitrum Ostium is an elegant glazed requilary, large enough to display a copy of The Enchanted Doppelgänger, a Hand of Glory or a collection of miniature curios. Locked behind glass, your precious things can be observed in a dust-free environment away from the spectator's sticky fingers. Available in various finishes with interchangeable lids and swappable interiors, every collector of magical oddities can use a Vitrum Ostium. But wait, there's more.

Vitrum Ostium is also the first ever glass-topped switch box. There have been transparent switch boxes in the past, but nothing compares to what can be achieved with Vitrum Ostium. For the first time, switched items can appear outside the box, think Card Thru Glass, but in the palm of your hand. Perform transformations, and materialise 3D objects inside a once-empty box, ideal for apports during a seance.

Think of all the routines you can perform with a standard switch box and then multiply it. The Vitrum Ostium's unique switch mechanism introduces a whole new range of magical possibilities. The items in the box are in full view of the audience, yet the switch is so fast and natural that the box can even be left with an audience member to watch at all times.

The original prototype of the box was showcased to close friends in the magic community. Once they had witnessed the possibilities of the Vitrum Ostium box, they felt compelled to create some fantastic routines. The manual contains nineteen routines with contributions from Prof BC, ER Perkins, SMITH, and Aiden Sinclair, and some new routines and updated Lebanon Circle classics that have been vastly improved using this hugely versatile tool.  

The 101 page manual includes 21 amazing routines -

  • Additional routines for Doppelganger owners
  • A new version of Hagstone
  • Routines for The Hand of Glory
  • Seance effects
  • Additional ideas for the Looking-Glass Tarot, REV ABC, and ESPoe cards.

Vitrum Ostium is larger than most switch boxes, with the ability to switch up to 15 playing cards and even coins with no worry of the gimmick accidentally triggering. Whether you use Vitrum Ostium as part of a séance, a mentalism act or conventional magic, you'll discover new ways to perform old tricks and spark your imagination. And, of course, when you're not using it for magic, it'll be cunningly disguised as a museum-quality display case for your unearthly treasures.

The Vitrum Ostium box has multiple options; therefore, each order is treated as a private commission and made to order. The first production run of 100 copies will be completed on a first-come, first-served basis. Once they are sold, no other boxes will be produced until next year, although accessories such as inserts and modifications will still be available.

You will receive -

  • 1x Vitrum Ostium box (built to your specifications)
  • 1x Display Insert (choice of colours and fabric)
  • 1x Large Book Display Insert (suitable for The Enchanted Doppelganger)
  • 1x Gimmick
  • 1x Antique Style Padlock
  • A HUGE 101 page digital manual containing routines with contributions from Prof BC, ER Perkins, SMITH, Aiden Sinclair & Lebanon Circle

Please Note -

No additional props are included although the manual includes information on how to make your own.  

Box Dimensions -

  • External  - L 24cm x W 17cm x H 10cm
  • Internal - L 22cm x W 15cm x H 5cm
  • Weight (unloaded) - 1.2Kg

Once you have added Vitrum Ostium to your cart, just follow the link below, where you will be able to confirm your choice of the following -

  • Ageing - distressed or none   
  • Colour - ebonised black or antique mahogany
  • Knob - a choice of six designs
  • Interior - a choice of 4 fabric types
  • A range of additional props such as The Hand of Glory as a discounted price with combined shipping

Additional interiors and knobs are also available. Please be aware that the knob is attached to the switch mechanism, so additional knobs come attached to a duplicate mechanism. These are simply swapped as and when required.

Once you have added Vitrum Ostrium to your cart, please follow this link to customise your order before you checkout.


I always try to get the most competitive shipping rates and reliable service, so all shipments are sent via UPS, FedEx or Parcelforce.  Shipping is applied at checkout, but this is the current price -

  • UK - £10
  • EU - £40
  • USA/Canada - £60
  • Rest of the World - £80

If you can access a cheaper courier service, you can arrange to ship and collect from the Lebanon Circle studio.  If you would like to do this, please contact me for details.

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