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The Hand of Glory - Incorruptible II
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The Hand of Glory - Incorruptible II The Hand of Glory - Incorruptible II The Hand of Glory - Incorruptible II The Hand of Glory - Incorruptible II The Hand of Glory - Incorruptible II The Hand of Glory - Incorruptible II The Hand of Glory - Incorruptible II

The Hand of Glory - Incorruptible II


The Hand of Glory is a mysterious and sinister object from folklore that was said to have been used by thieves to gain entry to houses at night. It was said to be the hand of a hanged man, preserved and then used in a magical ritual to render anyone who saw it powerless and unable to raise the alarm.

According to the legend, the Hand of Glory was created by taking the left hand of a criminal who had been hanged and then pickled in vinegar, salt, and other ingredients for a month. Once sufficiently preserved, the hand was subjected to a special ritual to imbue it with magical properties.

The ritual involved smearing the hand with a secret mixture of various herbs and spices, including mandrake root and dried belladonna. The hand was then set alight, and the flames were said to be imbued with the power to put anyone who saw them into a trance-like state, rendering them powerless to stop the thieves.

The Hand of Glory was often used with a unique candle made from the fat of a hanged man, which was said to burn with an eerie blue flame that would illuminate the way for the thieves as they moved through the darkness.

While the origins of the Hand of Glory are shrouded in mystery, and it is unclear whether such an object ever truly existed, the legend has persisted over the centuries. It continues to captivate the imaginations of people today. Some say that the hand still exists somewhere, waiting to be discovered and used by those who seek to tap into its dark powers.

If you're struggling to find a hanged man to pilfer, Lebanon Circle presents the next best thing. This Hand of Glory is a museum-quality mummified prop inspired by the actual exhibit in Whitby Museum, and no midnight rituals or grave robbing are necessary.

Whether you're a collector of oddities, a magician, or both, The Hand of Glory presents a unique opportunity to obtain this legendary curiosity. A mummified hand can be incorporated into a wide array of themes, such as witchcraft, an incorruptible religious relic from the crusades, or maybe even a serial killer's macabre trophy; what bizarre performer doesn't need a mummified hand or two?

When you are not performing, the hand(s) can be proudly exhibited in your collection of curiosities. The Hand of Glory comes in an old storage box; however, for a more impressive display, you may want to consider displaying it in one of the bespoke Cabinets of Curiosity, such as the Vitrum Ostium, which will also allow you to perform additional routines with the hand.

Each hand is crafted using casts from 3D scans of actual mummified human remains. They are then 'mummified' using a technique that requires them actually to be buried to create a realistic texture; you can't get more authentic than that! The material is hard-wearing and can be handled regularly without the risk of damage. Each hand is also PK gimmicked with a powerful magnet.

Back in 2005, I released an effect called 'Incorruptible'. This limited production effect consisted of a mummified finger and a few routines. The Hand of Glory seemed like a perfect opportunity to resurrect and make these old effects available again, but with vastly improved props.

What you receive -

  • One or a pair of mummified hands (PK gimmicked)
  • An aged storage box
  • A pair of cotton gloves (for handling the ancient artefact)
  • A pair of hammered copper rings
  • An aged bottle of purification salt
  • A revised 47-page manual containing the original Incorruptible routines and two brand-new routines


Each hand is individually made and will differ slightly from the one shown in this product listing.

Discounts and Combined Shipping

If you intend to purchase Vitrum Ostium to display your Hand of Glory, please just checkout with Vitrum Ostium, as the Hand of Glory will be available at a discounted rate with combined shipping. When customising your box, you can select The Hand of Glory in the extras section.

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