The Switch Witch II – Lebanon Circle Prop & Illusion Design
The Switch Witch II
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The Switch Witch II The Switch Witch II The Switch Witch II The Switch Witch II The Switch Witch II The Switch Witch II The Switch Witch II The Switch Witch II

The Switch Witch II


Probably the best looking switch box ever is back...

The Switch Witch will allow you to transform cards and billets or even make objects appear from nowhere.  Imagine, asking a spectator to mix a tarot deck, remove 3 random cards and place them in the box.  You then give them the reading based on the 3 selected cards before you even look at them!  Now if that doesn’t prove your ‘psychic ability’ then nothing will!  The possibilities are endless, whether you use the Switch Witch in séance, a mentalism act or straight forward magic there is room in your routine for this versatile classic. 

Change boxes have been around nearly as long as magic itself but never have they looked so suited to the job.  Individually custom, each box is made from antiqued wood with a black velvet interior and produced on such a limited scale that your audience will have never seen a box quite like this before. 

The unique switch mechanism is so subtle and easy to perform you audience won't suspect a thing.  The mechanism is also locking and totally silent to ensure no rattling or moving parts and once the switch is performed you can tip items from the box without the worry of anything else falling out!

Both the standard and large Switch Witch boxes are designed to hold a maximum of 3 cards although if handled carefully you may use more.  The interior will fit standard poker cards and small format tarot cards such as Card Shark’s Medieval Tarot and the large box will hold large format tarot and even photographs.  You can also switch between 6 to 8 billets for those classic mentalism routines.   

Internal dimensions -

Standard  - L 138mm x W 70mm x D 30mm

Large  - L 155mm x W 135mm x D 35mm

Please allow between 3-4 weeks for delivery as each box is made to order.

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