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The SPF Box
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The SPF Box The SPF Box The SPF Box The SPF Box The SPF Box The SPF Box The SPF Box The SPF Box The SPF Box The SPF Box

The SPF Box


Lebanon Circle presents The SPF Box, a cunningly designed magic tool that allows the performer to Switch, Palm and Force objects seamlessly in plain sight. Disguised as a large vintage matchbox, The SPF Box has a mysterious interior that appears empty yet hides the darkest secret. 

A spectator can place an item in the box, such as a billet, and within seconds you can switch it for another force billet while palming the one the spectator placed in the box. 

The SPF Box uses a straightforward mechanism fused with an optical illusion. No magnets, threads or fiddly mechanisms, The SPF Box is simple to use and requires no reset, making it perfect for close-up magic, street magic and mentalism performance. With some imagination, The SPF Box will open the doors to hundreds of effects. 

I have consulted multiple knowledgeable magicians, and although switch boxes are nothing new, they all agree that they have never seen an implementation like this. The ability to simultaneously switch, palm, force and even vanish an object in such a small space is so unique and versatile; it's a tool every magician should own.

The SPF Box is perfect for:

  • Appearances
  • Vanishes
  • Transformations
  • Torn & Restored
  • Bill Switches
  • Number Forces using Dice
  • Seance Routines
  • One-ahead Readings

This collection of boxes comes in a wide variety of themes to suit most performances, with more to follow. The exterior box sleeves are also interchangeable, so once you have one complete SPF Box, you can swap and change between style and themes as you wish.

If you don't see a theme you like, why not contact me with suggestions to add to the range?


Can The SPF Box be inspected?

Yes, it can. You can show the SPF Box to be empty; however, if someone insists on closer inspection, provisions are provided for you to satisfy the most annoying/curious audience member.

What is the SPF Box made from?

While traditional matchboxes are made from cardboard, the SPF Box is made from a more durable material. Cardboard is still used, but this is laminated over a 3D printed shell for additional strength.


The SPF Box is small but has enough space for coins, dice, billets & other curious objects.

L 82mm, W 55mm, H 30mm

What's included:

  • The SPF Box with a choice of themed exteriors
  • An examinable interior
  • Video Tutorial

Ordering Details

Select the SPF Box type you require. 

  • The standard 'Single Box' comes with everything you need, including an exterior design of your choice.
  • Individual Exteriors should only be ordered if you already own an SPF Box.

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