The Resurrection Cemetery Gate Key – Lebanon Circle Prop & Illusion Design
The Resurrection Cemetery Gate Key
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The Resurrection Cemetery Gate Key The Resurrection Cemetery Gate Key The Resurrection Cemetery Gate Key The Resurrection Cemetery Gate Key The Resurrection Cemetery Gate Key The Resurrection Cemetery Gate Key The Resurrection Cemetery Gate Key

The Resurrection Cemetery Gate Key


The main gate to the Resurrection Cemetery sometimes opens all by itself. No one knows why.

Professor BC presents what well could be the finest Haunted Key set ever created. This bronze key is an impressive 4.5 inches (11.5 cm) and is aged to perfection. Large enough to attract every eye and yet small enough to slip into a convenient pocket. But this key also features an extra-special design that takes your old Haunted Key routine to an entirely new level.

Let's face facts here, it is more amazing to perform the animation than it is to watch someone else perform it. This is because, when performing it (correctly, that is), the performer actually feels as if s/he does nothing to influence the motion—as if the key moves by the power of his/her mind alone, yet the specs usually suppose that the key is 'just rolling downhill.'

This led Professor BC to a very simple question: We have for years given our pendulums and planchettes over to our specs—so why not our keys? And thus The Resurrection Cemetery Gate Key was born--the first in-the-spectator's-hand Haunted Key.

The ease and precision with which these specially engineered keys turn allows you to give the spec an open instruction on the Haunted Key method without fear of giving the game away—because the key works only when you want it to work and refuses to work the rest of the time (even the most knowledgeable and seasoned Haunted Key handler will not be able to make the key turn until the performer wishes it to turn).

The Resurrection Gate Key Performance Manual includes a series of routines wherein the effect is actually intended to happen in the spec's hand. This is Prof BC's innovative new approach to the classic prop. Of course, this is a magic prop, which obviously means that you will need to practice with your Resurrection Cemetery Gate Key in order to perfect these handlings.

Routines include a range of performance possibilities from Realm of Faerie handlings (Through the Looking-Glass) to a very dark demonic routine featuring a candle and surprise finale (The Devil's Disciple) and a rather special Jack-the-Ripper routine (Number 13 Miller's Court).

What is more, the performer never has to touch the key OR the spectator during the animation, and still the key will turn over ONLY 'when the spirit is in the room'. At all other times the key is perhaps the WORST haunted key you've ever seen (even you won't be able to make it turn). However, when the spirit moves, the key becomes the most perfectly moving, slowest-all-the-way-over key you have ever beheld--even in your spectators' hand!

You are always in complete control of whether the key will work or will not.

The all-new design is so highly deceptive that the photograph actually displays the 'secret' element of the key; it is right there in plain sight and yet you cannot possibly recognize it unless we told you what it was. After you read the performance manual, however, you'll see it immediately and every time, but try as you might you cannot see it now. It is that bomb-proof in performance, too.

Completely examinable at all times, no magnets, strings, threads . . . in fact, nothing but the key on her palm. Full stop.

Furthermore, this isn't one of those magic shop keys made from a chromium-plated steel rod with a bow and bit spot-welded on. This is is a computer-designed-and-balanced hand cast bronze key set, modeled from an actual nineteenth-century gate key, produced by the lost wax method precisely as keys were made 150 years ago, lovingly hand-aged by Prof BC with a genuine aging process (actual aging solutions have been employed to create an authentic patina of antiquity).

We believe that The Resurrection Cemetery Gate Key is the finest, most flexible, Haunted Key that you will ever own and that you will agree the included routines are amongst the best Haunted Key handlings ever devised.

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