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The Midnight Index
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The Midnight Index





Lebanon Circle presents a complimentary Christmas 2023 gift as a token of my appreciation for your continued support throughout the year. It's a festive project tailored for magicians, mentalists, and storytellers alike.

The Midnight Index is a compact and simple way to access up to 24 'predictions' that will match the unknown card chosen in A Book at Midnight or any other routine that utilises the same method, such as Ghost of Great Britain/America and Krampusnacht VII. To the observer, it appears you are just taking a card from an envelope, but in reality, you have access to all 24 cards, which you can produce in seconds.

The Midnight Index is simple to make and is a magic utility device that can be incorporated into numerous other routines. Once you know the method, it is a design that can be modified to index more cards or predictions and customised to suit your performance requirements.

What's Included:

  • 20 page PDF Manual and Templates
  • Tutorial Video

Just place "The Midnight Index" in your cart, proceed to checkout, and watch as it magically arrives in your inbox.


Please Note:

"The Midnight Index" is intended for your personal use exclusively and may not be reproduced or sold for commercial purposes.


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