The Khepri Amulet – Lebanon Circle Prop & Illusion Design
The Khepri Amulet
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The Khepri Amulet The Khepri Amulet The Khepri Amulet The Khepri Amulet The Khepri Amulet The Khepri Amulet The Khepri Amulet The Khepri Amulet

The Khepri Amulet


Originally discovered by Howard Carter in King Tutankhamun's tomb, this mysterious amulet allows the user to seek guidance and enlightenment from the gods. It was then acquired by Aleister Crowley and used in Golden Dawn rituals before vanishing in the 1940s. It was then rediscovered in an antique shop in Hastings in 1989, secreted inside a hollowed-out copy of The Book of Thoth.


Based on the Lebanon Circle bestseller 'Oculus' and inspired by the word force methods of U.F. Grant and Banachek, The Scarab Amulet allows you to force multiple words, numbers or even hieroglyphs.  

Used as a standalone effect, as part of a grand Egyptian-themed show or Golden Dawn ritual, the Khepri Amulet is a versatile magic tool that can be used in any genre of magic where you need to force either one or multiple words with ease. The amulet can also be used traditionally to give one or two-word spiritual guidance as part of any reading. 



Previously only available if you purchased The Hands of the Necromancer, I’ve been told The Khepri Amulet is just too good to keep hidden away as an exclusive product. 


Each amulet is cast in stone resin or cold cast bronze, aged and numbered. 


This is a limited production run of 100 copies.


What's included -

  • A Khepri Amulet in a choice of finishes
  • Aged storage box
  • Video Tutorial

Dimensions - 55mm (2.2")

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