The Haunted Inns Of England
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The Haunted Inns Of England The Haunted Inns Of England

The Haunted Inns Of England


Professor BC's Haunted Inns effect was called 'the best haunted key set up around' at the 2012 Doomsday meeting in Whitby.

The performer speaks of England's famous haunted inns and, to illustrate, removes a coin envelope containing 4 authentic-looking cigarette cards from 1925. Each depicts a different English inn, and the performer tells a chilling story for each one, revealing that these centuries-old inns are still in operation today and may be visited and investigated. The stories are true.

The spec returns the cards to the coin envelope and holds them. Note: the performer never touches these cards or envelope again in the performance.

The performer next displays an aged and rusting key. He explains that the key is in fact from one of those inns, an inn that experienced such paranormal phenomena in 1957 that this room was locked and bricked up. The key remained behind the desk until recently when the performer acquired it from the new owners.

The key, you see, is haunted and 'hungers' for its lock. The room wants to be opened again.

Handing the key to the spec, the performer seeks to determine whether the spec can experience this haunted manifestation for herself. Under the key's influence, the spec selects any of the cards contained in the envelope by calling out that she will have the first, second, third, or forth one. This is a completely free choice, no force or manipulation occurs.

The spec takes up the freely chosen card and holds it on her outstretched palm. The performer now puts the back of his hand over the card in her hand, the key on his outstretched palm. The spec can feel the warmth between her hand and the performer's as energy flows from the card to the key (and she can also tell that the performer's hand never moves) while the key slowly, eerily turns in its attempt to open that lock.

As the key finishes its rotation, the spec sees that it is stamped with the name of an inn. The deeply stamped lettering is old and rusted, but it can just be read--it corresponds to the name of the freely selected inn in the spectator's hand! The key does indeed hunger for its lock.

No sleights, no 'moves', nothing to hide. Usual haunted key handling involved or you may employ your favourite variation. Start clean, perform clean, end clean, everything is 100% examinable before, during, and after the performance. Only the four ungimmicked cards, one ungimmicked coin envelope, and one ungimmicked key are used. Immediate reset in open view. Everything supplied including instructions and script. A dream to perform.

Turn your haunted key routine into a supernatural spectacle.

DISCLAIMER: The cards in this pack are cigarette cards, accurate to 1925. This means they are small and printed in a genuinely tiny font, precisely as are the originals. Additionally, the key is stamped faintly to emulate age and wear, and the all-important wording on it (rubbed and rusted as it is) must be searched after to be read. This is intentional (as discussed in the performance notes included with the effect). Professor BC's philosophy of performance magic includes the subtlety of reality, and if you require an effect with a revelation that pops out at one, please pass on buying The Haunted Inns of England.

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