Ghost in the Machine III – Lebanon Circle Prop & Illusion Design
Ghost in the Machine III
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Ghost in the Machine III Ghost in the Machine III Ghost in the Machine III Ghost in the Machine III Ghost in the Machine III Ghost in the Machine III

Ghost in the Machine III


Ghost in the Machine III provides seance sounds when and where you want them. Turn any empty box into a small spirit cabinet by simply hanging a bell inside and covering it with a cloth and let Ghost in the Machine III do the rest. This compact device can be loaded with any sounds; spirit bells, disembodied knocking, an eerie music box or ghostly whispers and placed wherever you need the sound to be such as in a box, under a table or even inside a doll! 


This also can be used as an audio upgrade for Dolly Darko or The Box of Astaroth, replacing the previous Bluetooth version.

Ghost in the Machine III comes in neat black enclosure small enough to fit inside a poker size tuck box and also has a magnet allowing it to be attached to any magnetic surface.  Sounds are loaded in MP3 format via the provided Micro SD card and triggered using the supplied remote control transmitter. Start/stop is controlled using one button and your audio files play in sequence allowing you to control and script your performances with ease.

Ghost in the Machine III also includes a video tutorial on how to record and edit your own sounds for maximum performance.  If you prefer to let someone do the hard work for you then why not include one of these Ghost in the Machine III prop & audio packs.  Each aged prop includes a set of matching sounds files for your Ghost in the Machine III and you'll save an additional £10.
What you receive:

  • Ghost in the Machine III Audio Module

  • RC Transmitter
  • Toe/lapel Switch

  • Micro SD Card & SD Card Converter

  • Skull Magnet Cover

  • Storage Box
Instruction Manual & Video Link to Tutorial
  • Bicycle Card Box is not included.

Dimensions - L 84mm, W 59mm, H 16mm

No batteries included, requires 3x AAA

Ghost in the Machine III uses standard AAA batteries (Duracell brand is recommended) instead of smaller rechargeable cells purely for performance reliability.  Ghost in the Machine III can be turned on and left indefinitely as long as there is power meaning it can be left in a spirit cabinet hours prior to a performance and still be ready to use.  Inserting brand new batteries before each performance gives the performer more confidence that the device will work reliably when required. 


Battery life is approximately 40 hours, based on using 3 x AAA batteries that are 2500mAh rating. Battery life example: One single 10 second sound file will playback 14,400 times.


Presentation Idea

I took Cheeky Chappie and placed Ghost in the Machine III preloaded with offensive ventriloquist doll slurs and inserted it into his jacket.  I can then place him in an adjacent room and verbally abuse and terrify guests at the touch of a button.  A perfect solution for when the Mother-in-Law comes to stay or those guests who like to overstay their welcome.  


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