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From Hell - The Collector's Edition
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From Hell - The Collector's Edition From Hell - The Collector's Edition From Hell - The Collector's Edition From Hell - The Collector's Edition From Hell - The Collector's Edition From Hell - The Collector's Edition From Hell - The Collector's Edition From Hell - The Collector's Edition From Hell - The Collector's Edition From Hell - The Collector's Edition From Hell - The Collector's Edition From Hell - The Collector's Edition

From Hell - The Collector's Edition


During the year 1888 Jack the Ripper began his notorious killing spree in the Whitechapel area of London.  Five victims were barbarically mutilated but the Ripper was never caught.  Along with these five victims were another four whose butchered remains bared all the hallmarks of the Ripper’s renowned brutality.  As the killings in London subsided they began again in 1901 across the Atlantic in New York.  Had the Ripper escaped and taken his evil to America?  A further six women were slaughtered and yet again the killer was never caught.

Legend says that the spirits of the 15 victims walk the earth together in limbo, not resting until the identity of their killer is revealed.  So strong is their bond that they can not be separated, tortured souls forever waiting in the world between ours and the realm of spirits…”


From Hell 5th Anniversary Edition had been Lebanon Circle's most popular product selling thousands globally.  Another five years has passed making it over a decade since the original effect was released.  Either as an entry level effect for bizarre dabblers or a trusted favourite for professionals From Hell continues to disturb and entertain.  Virtually every bizarre magician can claim to own a copy making it one of the most popular bizarre effects ever released.

Once the last of the Anniversary Edition print run was sold I was faced with the decision to invest in another run or create something new to celebrate a decade of darkness.  

Lebanon Circle Magic is proud to present the finest version of this macabre classic ever produced.    Strictly limited to 250 copies, 'From Hell The Collector's Edition' is the ultimate version and is the last production run before it is retired forever.

Over the years customers have made suggestions to improve the design ranging from more blood to no blood at all, cards are too large or too small, not authentic looking enough, image quality, the list goes on.  Taking over 10 years of feedback into account I redesigned and implemented the most requested features.

  • Blood is optional
  • The canonical victim mortuary cards can be replaced with crime scene location cards for the more sensitive audience.
  • The PK gimmicked card is also optional at no extra cost
  • The reverse of each card can be marked with an image number or name for custom predictions
  • The deck also contains an additional 15 cards for bonus routines and options (which are included)

Each Victorian portrait card is an individually cut, aged and laminated reproduction printed on 700 gsm card.  The new 40 card deck comes neatly packaged in an aged Metropolitan Police exhibit storage box.

The new 40 card deck is broken down into -

  • 5 Canonical Victim Cards
  • 5 Murder Location Cards
  • 20 Female Portrait Cards
  • 10 Male Suspect Cards

A bonus routine using the additional ten male cards is included where the spectator uses a pendulum to divine the Met's number one suspect from a selection of East End hoodlums.  This was originally released as part of the Abberline's Conclusion routine which was only previously available with Abberline's Repository or The Terror of Whitechapel sets.  Again, these cards and images are completely revised and exclusive to the Collector's Edition.

The Mary Jane Kelly card is still gimmicked (optional) with an ultra thin neo magnet.

Imagine, as the eerie candle light flickers you begin to tell your audience the story of Jack the Ripper.  You mention the victims names “Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, Annie Chapman, Mary Jane Kelly...” Then suddenly as you mention Mary’s name the card bearing the image of her mutilated body slides from the top of pack!  You place it back on the pile and blame the curious incident on a draught of air, you continue with your tale. Suddenly it moves again, this time slower, more calculated it slides from the top of the pack!

This addition to From Hell will set the scene for one of scariest routines before you even perform the From Hell effect!  

From Hell also comes with the original ‘Ripper Force’ in which all spectators are simultaneously mysteriously drawn to one particular card which can then be made to move using the Mary Jane Kelly PK card.

Finally an additional routine by Freddie Valentine called 'Photomagoria' is a simple but highly effective routine which can be used at the start of your performance to select an audience member with the most psychic ability.

Combined, From Hell proves to be one of the most graphically disturbing and atmospheric effects you can perform making the whole experience unforgettable.

Effect Synopsis

You hand a deck of 25 Victorian portrait postcards to a spectator 5 of which show the canonical Ripper victims.  You remove these 5 and place them in a pile.  You then remove one further card and explain that this card shows a woman who never had the unfortunate experience of meeting Jack the Ripper.  This card is then placed next to the victim pile.  You ask the spectator to look at each card and decide whether that person was a Ripper victim or not and place the card on the corresponding pile.  The spectator places the cards in a random fashion at their own will.  Once all remaining cards have been placed the two piles are turned over.  To the spectator’s horror every card in the victim pile has a blood stained back yet the cards in the other pile are clean.  Has their psychic ability enabled them to determine all 15 victims without error?

How can this be possible?

  • The photographs are placed  randomly by the spectator but the victims will always end up together in the same pile!
  • Completely self working!
  • Requires no skill to perform!
  • Based on a similar demonstration of psychic ability performed by Derren Brown and James Randi

This effect uses the real mortuary photographs of the Ripper victims.  Therefore it is unsuitable for children and the faint hearted.  If you have moral issues regarding this effect then please do not buy it.

The Collector's Edition contains -

  • The 25 card From Hell deck
  • 10 card suspect deck
  • 5 card crime scene location deck
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Exclusive access to a new & revised video tutorial
  • Bonus routines

Please note: This no longer comes with the leather case or black lace handkerchief but instead comes in an aged box.


Why should I upgrade?

From Hell The Collector's Edition offers a brand new deck with completely revised images.  With only 250 copies available you will have a unique deck that potential audiences will have never seen before and there this no question that they will believe these cards are the genuine article.

When ordering a sample please select 'No Blood' and 'No PK Gimmick' otherwise the order will not process.

How long will my order take?

Because of the options available each deck is custom made to order.  The aging process requires a few days to completely dry so each deck will be shipped with 7-10 working days from order payment.

There are only 250 copies available, after this From Hell will be out of production for good.



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