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Blocks from Beyond
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Blocks from Beyond Blocks from Beyond Blocks from Beyond Blocks from Beyond

Blocks from Beyond


This routine and prop pack was explicitly created for use with the Vitrum Ostium box. Although it may function with other switch boxes available, I cannot guarantee this. As a result, please consider this if you do not possess a Vitrum Ostium box. Please note that no refunds will be provided if this prop or effect fails to work with a third-party switch box (this includes Switch Witch I & II).

As Elizabeth gazed at the wooden block, she realized that it was not just a simple toy from the physical world, but a dark and ominous object from the realm of spirits. She could sense the malevolent energy that emanated from it and felt a chill run down her spine.

The effect is simple, make a child’s alphabet block materialise in a previously empty box. The block is observed behind the glass and can then be removed and passed around to show that it is made of solid wood.  This mystifying example of an apport is perfect for any seance show.

A block can also be made to appear from under a cloth or handkerchief outside of the box.

If you need a letter to correspond with a particular image, such as 'K for Krampus' please contact me and I will be able to create a bespoke block.

You will receive -

  • 1x Block from Beyond
  • 1x Solid Wood Duplicate
  • 10 page digital manual with 2 routines

Dimensions - 4cm x 4cm x 4cm

Includes free global shipping


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