Asmodeus The Mystic Cat – Lebanon Circle Prop & Illusion Design
Asmodeus The Mystic Cat
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Asmodeus The Mystic Cat Asmodeus The Mystic Cat Asmodeus The Mystic Cat

Asmodeus The Mystic Cat


I have a very limited number of surplus copies of the Doomsday 13 exclusive effect available.

This pack includes:

  • A Doomsday pin
  • A limited edition A5 print of Asmodeus the Mystic Cat on luxurious perlino cotton paper
  • TWO great routines that can be performed with the print

The first routine is based on 'The Nine Card Problem' by Jim Steinmeyer, with the routine coded into the poster, making it easy to follow. In this routine, Asmodeus, the Mystic Cat, will find your selected card from a shuffled deck.

The second routine, inspired by Derren Brown, will leave your audience questioning the concept of free will and the power of subconscious influence. This routine also allows you to give a spectator a tarot reading, revealing unexpected twists along the way.

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