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'RING by Prof BC
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'RING by Prof BC 'RING by Prof BC 'RING by Prof BC 'RING by Prof BC 'RING by Prof BC 'RING by Prof BC

'RING by Prof BC


Imagine having the ability to channel the London Plague Year of 1665 . . . not only the fear, the sights of horror, but—perhaps most of all—the psychology that prompted many to remain in the midst of the ‘City in Hell’ while 1,500 of their neighbors died every week. You play the part of Fate and Destiny as you hold this small volume in your hand.


Will your spectator foolishly remain behind in a world of horror, or will she flee—perhaps into the very arms of waiting death? The ring is around the rose, ashes heap within the city, and all may well fall down.


A thirteen-word nursery rhyme creates the next Professor BC book effect based upon Daniel Defoe’s Journal of the Plague Year.


You have heard the disclaimer that the nursery rhyme really does not refer to the Great Plague of London, but that is only partly true. It doesn’t, but it does, for it was actually inspired by Daniel Defoe’s book, written fifty-seven years after the event—and the book and rhyme share a bizarre, supernatural connection.


Or so you say.


Choose any page in the book. Free choice. The rhyme reveals itself over and over in the most surprising and eerie ways. Read an account of people disappearing overnight. Turn back to the page a moment later only to discover that the chosen word has also disappeared. In its place is quite another word—a taunting, jeering word that indicates you were wrong all along. Yet the vanished chosen word is still on the page—now buried in a most unexpected location.


Finally, when one recites the old Bubonic Plague nursery rhyme, Ring around the roses, and follows along in the book—word by word—a most surprising revelation occurs.


RING is an evolutionary development on the Pegasus page principle—extended over an entire book—allowing you (or your spec) to turn to any page, free choice, and open a wealth of potential revelations and routines. Many of the effects are nearly hallucinogenic as words appear as quickly as they disappear, or else can be seen only when the book is turned upside down!


Many routines are possible, from storytelling to mindreading, always with a diabolic twist. And, for Doppelgänger owners, RING will also work in your Dopps routines because it is a ‘near-Dopps’, as Prof BC’s Spectre.


Ten routines and many subtleties are included, plus the potential for many more simply by mixing and matching the ideas presented in the manual. Some routines rely on the Pegasus page structure, others use only a single page, there is a chilling version of the Bloody Mary game (using the book rather than a mirror), and one routine is even performed while the book remains closed!


Best of all? No memory work required. A handy bookmark, created by the legendary Dan Baines himself, does the RING work for you. (Those with Dopps have already done the little bit of Dopps work necessary for Dopps routines with this book.)  Two types of bookmark are available, an innocent, whimsical version or a darker, aged version.  Please let me know which you'd prefer when ordering. 


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