The Paranormal Padlock
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The Paranormal Padlock


Set the scene, dim the lights, light a candle maybe, make the room as atmospheric as you can. Ask someone to come sit with you at a small table on which is the padlock, ribbon and key.

A possible routine: Everyone knows the story of the princess locked in the tower and the handsome price who rescues her. Well on this particular occasion there was no prince. The princess was neglected, ignored and eventually totally forgotten by society. She spent most her life in that old tower and eventually she lost interest in living and died. It was a pathetic death but as she had spent so long there her spirit never really left the tower and for decades after, everyone who spent time there saw her terrifying ghost. Then one day a young girl became pregnant out of marriage which was seen as a disgrace at that time. Her furious father locked her in the tower and she spent many lonely cold nights there listening to the strange eerie sounds of the night.

One winter evening the ghost of the princess, withered and haggard appeared before her. She was terrified but the spirit calmed her down and told her to light a candle, which the girl did. The ghost then asked if the girl had a key and the girl took out her old garden gate key from her apron. The ghost told the girl to hold the key on the palm of her hand about a foot away from the padlock. The key mysteriously turned on its own, (perform the haunted key) the girl dropped the key in shock. The spirit asked the girl to pick it up and hold it in such a way that the shadow of the key from the candle flame rested over the padlock and to turn the key slowly. This she did and something amazing happened. (Now stop talking and perform the effect with your volunteer holding the padlock on the ribbon).

The girl escaped, stole a horse and fled the country that had held her captive for so long.


Although Drake has conceptualised and built countless illusions and automata, it’s been a while since the magic legend descended into his secret lab to build something new and exciting from scratch. Yet something inspired him to get busy with his magical tools, and labour through the night to build an incredible trick that you can own.

Simon writes “Once I’d decided to make the first padlock it took me seven days, at about 10 hours a day, to make a working prototype.  It was a nightmare, and about halfway through the process I really didn’t think I could manage it. But I persevered and got there in the end. There’s absolutely no radio control or anything electric in the mechanism. It’s made traditionally, the hard way, so it will last forever if looked after. Don’t you annoyed at how pretty much everything electrical is made to fail after the guarantee period expires? Well, my lock won’t do that!

The Paranormal Padlock comes complete in a aged special presentation case which also has a secret compartment to keep the instructions and a haunted key.

Each padlock is meticulously handmade and carefully tested at The House of Magic workshops by Simon and his assistant.

Each is individually signed by Simon and numbered and is 100% reliable, no electronics, no remote control!

Limited Edition of 100 only available to magic collectors and professional performers internationally. Purchase is by application only and you will have to answer a few questions to prove they have relevant arcane magic knowledge!

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