The Mystic Menagerie Issue 6
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The Mystic Menagerie Issue 6


In this issue –

  • Touched - Mark Thorold’s great version of a ghostly touch routine.
  • The Great Magic Wand Shop Hoax! - This will appeal to the mischievous mystics amongst you
  • Bizzare Rants - is a new column where I get things off my chest
  • The Wands of Crispin Mindbender – a feature on the best wands available and the talented chap who makes them
  • Tales from the Seance room - where I relate stories of some of the more bizarre or comedic experiences in the life of an occult entertainer.
  • The Dwindling Balls – fantastic story telling to accompany Jez’s Picture Flame 
  • US version of Live Transmission  - another mind force based on another hit TV show!
  • Making Pendulums - marvel at the creativity Joshua has employed with his own pendulums, just look at the pictured and drool!
  • Storm In A Teacup – more pendulum based antics with this little gem by Martyn Hoult
  • The Ring of Laetandar  - a stunning fantasy routine for the fabulous CSI effect
  • Plus more!

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