The Mystic Menagerie Issue 5
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The Mystic Menagerie Issue 5


In this issue –

  • BLOOD TEST: An incredible routine from Dutch bizarrist Vincent which would appeal to the vampires amongst you...
  • REVIEWS: This issue Raven's effect 'The Oracle' and Paul Voodini's e-books come under the spotlight
  • GHOST IN THE MACHINE: Lebanon Circle's legendary spooky device is presented in full with complete instructions in how to construct your very own Ghost In The Machine. Worth the price of the magazine many times over!
  • RESISTA'S LIQUID LEGACY: A superb effect from new contributor Mark Thorold
  • PAUL PRATER returns with some great advice on creating rouitines
  • INTERVIEW: John Thompson of UK electronic wizards Subversive Circuits is subjected to an MM grilling!
  • PAULO PRIEST AND SCIENTIST:A wonderful routine from bizarre legend RONI SHACHNAEY
  • THE WIZARD OF GORE: A fascinating essay on the dark stuff from Madelon Hoedt
  • THE CHOSEN TABLE: A stage routine from Freddie Valentine
  • Plus more!

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