The Mystic Menagerie Issue 4
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The Mystic Menagerie Issue 4


In this issue –

New format, new layout, same excellent  content!

  • Hypnosis - Where Do You Start? Freddie Valentine gives a rundown of the best books for the hypno-curious.
  • Sludge Worms by Jake Murphree - You won't have seen anything like this before!
  • Review: Maleficium by Paul Prater - Paul's first book is chock-full of great bizarre magick thinking. We give you the low down.
  • The Curse of The Flying Dutchman by Jeremy Lefebure
  • In Chains by Timon Christiaan
  • Two-Headed Mutant Sponge Bunny of Death by Bruce Graham. Sponge Bunnies bizarre style? You bet!
  • 21st Century Spirit Photography - A beginners guide on using the iPhone to create spirit photographs by Freddie Valentine.
  • Dark Inspirations by Dan Baines. A new column where things that spark off an interest in the dark and uncanny are explored. This issue features a place that remained in the minds of many impressionable UK kids on holiday - The Brading Experience.
  • Plus much more!

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