The Mystic Menagerie Issue 3
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The Mystic Menagerie Issue 3


In this issue –

  • Ageing Your Haunted Key by Paul Prater
  • The Evolution of Hawthor's Jewels (an excerpt from Jim Magus' forthcoming Tony Andruzzi biography)
  • The Querrent Cuts to the Cards by Bruce Graham (a great tarot routine)
  • A Postcard from Bram Stoker by Jim Magus (an excellent presentation for the Dracula book test from one of bizarre magic's greats)
  • Freddie Valentine's Tarot Tales (anecdotes and advice from the front lines)
  • Treasure of the Templars by Bruce Graham (a great routine based around the Knights Templar)
  • Burned by Vincent (A selected card appears as a burnt mark on the shoulder of the magi!)
  • Clear Vision by Roni Shachnaey (A superb psychometry routine from a bizarre magic legend!)
  • Throw Six To Start by Nik Taylor (an enchanting effect based on the games of our childhood)

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