The Book of Answers
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The Book of Answers The Book of Answers

The Book of Answers


The year is 1931. The Great Depression is engulfing the United States. Common people are lining up for food and water. Families are desperate. A small group of Mediums try to offer hope to those around them. They begin to hand out small books full of quotes and answers to the peoples questions. Printed at the famed Trinity Press, most books are lost in the strange fire that engulfed the building. There are rumors of a few copies left.

The Book of Answers is an original Victorian book test. The book can be left within your library or held closed by the spectator. It is used in conjunction with a spirit device (A Ouija or Bell) Participants are asked to offer questions to the board. They are then directed by the board to one of 250 different entries within the book. The book will answer the sitter’s question.

• Completely New Method
• Usable with numerous Spirit Contact Devices – Bells, Ouija etc.
• The Spectators can ask multiple questions and always be directed to a different part of the book.
• You do not lead the spectator’s questions. The spectator has a free choice on what question they choose to ask.
• It can be used totally unscripted, or as a completely scripted routine.
• Complete with 5000 word performance manual with fully scripted routines including Spiritus Magnus from Outlaw Effects.
• Hand Aged.
• Printable Props.
• A “true” book test perfect for a Victorian style séance.