Pearls of the Passed
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Pearls of the Passed Pearls of the Passed Pearls of the Passed Pearls of the Passed

Pearls of the Passed


Lebanon Circle Magic is pleased to announce that we have secured a limited amount of Evil Eye Workshop's sell-out effect 'Pearls of the Passed, developed by Aiden Sinclair this is something that belongs in every bizarrist’s toolbox.  Read the review on the Magic Cafe here.

The year is 1905 and the most beautiful woman in the world is about to pose for a picture. Her hair is perfect. Her make-up set. Her dress is her favorite and around her neck is a simple string of pearls; her most precious possession. She looks out the studio window at the stunning skyline of Paris and the picture is taken. The face of Lina Cavalieri is immortalized!

In the years that followed many more photos would be taken. The face would age. The beauty would fade. The one thing that remained the same would be that precious string of pearls. It was her most valued item, ever present in each picture.

How sad it is that the thing which she treasured most would be the cause of her death…

The year is 1944…time has passed and the world is at war. Like most, Lina had to choose a side and her choice was unwise. She stood upon the side of Mussolini.

As the war raged around her, she enjoyed a life of privilege. She dined and danced with the rich as the body count grew higher. Then on a cold February morning she faced her fate.

Her husband heard the sound of the American bombers flying overhead and knew what was to come. Their deadly payloads would rain down upon them in minutes and called for the family and staff to flee.

Lina, however, turned back to the palatial house for she had forgotten her pearls and she could not leave them behind. She rushed back into the house and would never emerge. Her body was found clutching the shattered string of pearls…

The Effect

The performer offers the glass jar containing the pearls of Lina Cavalieri for examination and tells Linas’ tragic tale. The pearls are shaken from the jar and one is dropped into the velvet bag. The black beads are then added to the selected pearl and the bag is shaken so as to mix the contents.

5 spectators now reach their fingers into the bag and remove an item. They do this in secret to both the performer and themselves.

When the bag is empty the performer summons the spirit of Lina Cavalieri and her ghost will guide the performer to her long lost pearl.

Odd ball effects have long been a standard of mentalism and with the advent of contemporary materials we present the means of performing this effect in a truly bizarre fashion.

With Pearls of the Passed you will get:

  • A glass jar containing the famous pearls of Lina Cavalieri (3 pearl beads (5/16") (8mm)).

  • 4 black beads (5/16") (8mm).

  • A hand-aged (aging may vary) picture of Lina Cavalieri (4"x6").

    • (Blank back, regular (not aged) print and custom size pictures available upon request with additional fee.)

  • A velvet bag.

  • A special something.

  • Free Skype or Google Hangouts session.

  • Replacement beads, jars and such are exclusively available to the owners of "Pearls of the Passed".

  • Also, TV performance rights can be obtained by contacting Evil Eye Workshop.

  • Free Global Shipping