Nightmares by Dead Art Inc
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Nightmares by Dead Art Inc Nightmares by Dead Art Inc Nightmares by Dead Art Inc Nightmares by Dead Art Inc Nightmares by Dead Art Inc

Nightmares by Dead Art Inc



Have you ever woken up from a dream, only to wake up again?

Did it ever leave you wondering if you were actually still asleep?

For an Illuminator named Peter, his nightmares found a way to enter our world.

It began with a dream. A dream that contrived to escape the abode of the imaginary, and trick the artist into giving the demons form in our physical realm. These six cards are a door, through which strange and terrible things long to pass. They want you to think about them, to dwell on them. Fear is the source of their power, and the more you believe in them, the more their dark influence grows.

Bring your audience into a world of swirling nightmares and play a game of make-believe with impossible things from beyond the veil. But don’t worry, they’re not real. They’re just a figment of your imagination. We don’t believe in monsters... Do we?

Rather than the typical psychic demonstration as seen elsewhere using ESP or playing cards, these objects allow a MUCH more in depth and engaging performance. Although merely being able to miraculously identify one of six objects concealed from the performer is often enough to elicit an impressive response from an audience, here we can go further and not only know something impossible, we can justify and elaborate on this phenomena in a very intriguing way. We are not simply revealing some secret piece of information. Rather, we are able to create the impression that the cards themselves only serve as a conduit for a greater experience, one where incredible things are at play behind the scenes, beyond the scope of our meager performance. We can weave a tale of dreams and other imaginary realms that might invade our normal experience of day to day life.

NIGHTMARES  is an aged electronic effect that will give your audiences... Well, nightmares.


After the story is told, the performer turns around to face away from the sitter and instructs the volunteer to allow themselves to be influenced by the nightmares in ink. They are to choose one image they feel drawn to, and to place the other five dreams into a pocket, or somewhere else out of sight. Once they’ve chosen one of these pictures, they hold it concealed between their palms as if in prayerful supplication. After their card is hidden, the performer leads the sitter through a guided visualization into the imaginary world of dreams. Here the performer describes a portal, and it is from across this threshold of darkness the sitters chosen entity transgresses into our reality. The performer describes with eerie and impossible accuracy the exact nightmare the sitter is imagining. 

What you get:

You will receive six expertly antiqued nightmarish cards.  Each card is meticulously designed and made by hand containing sophisticated electronics which will give performer the ability to know which nightmare a sitter is imagining without the need to peek or touch anything, allowing you to focus on performance without attempting to read subtle markings in the dark.

  • 6  Handmade and aged nightmare cards
  • Electronic Gimmick
  • 1  PDF performance manual

These cards are made to order. Please allow one month for delivery.