Luna - Pearly Gates
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Luna - Pearly Gates


The year was 1930. The former Lunatic Asylum was now officially a Mental Hospital. There were 497 Nurses on staff, 171 Probationers, 9 full time Doctors and 40 recorded deaths that year. Most residents were paupers and castaways, lost in worlds of alcohol, drugs, depression and fear. Not insane, but discarded, by family, spouses and society. No one wanted to care for them anymore, or just didn't have the means.

So they ended up here in C.H.M.H.

And then, here...

This is the official Interment record of C.H.M.H. 1930

If anyone still cared, wondered, or requested the burial spot of a resident, this book would tell them where the deceased was now at rest.

For many in this book, it is the only official record they ever existed at all. But the stories do not end with this book.

Once acquired, some have found this rather stark compilation of emotionless epitaphs' is far more than what it appeared to be. For some, it has the power to open a gateway back. Back into the long dark hallways filled with sadness and anger. Back to the faces twisted with anguish and fear. Back to locked doors that muffled the cries of those that wanted to know why? It's not a book anymore, it's a key that has unlocked the past.

Pearly Gates takes your spectators to the year 1930. Using a new method, the performer is in total control of the performance.

This book not only allows the performer to reveal all aspects of the spectators chosen "Soul", it does something EVEN MORE AMAZING.

When finished with the Interment book revelations you have the option to continue the "journey" by asking the spectator to freely chose ANY OF THE THREE LUNA BOOKS, 1934, 1935 or 1936, their choice. Without any prompt from you, any word spoken, they turn to an entry and you begin to reveal it! You don't talk about ward numbers or room keys, because the "werk" has long been done before they ever pick up a Luna book!

Pearly Gates is the ultimate gateway to a Luna Trilogy performance.

·New method.
·Diabolically easy to perform.
·Linked with EVERY VERSION of Luna
·Hand Aged Hardcover Book
·Fits in the Luna Keybox