Lothar Malmberg's The Memory Box
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Lothar Malmberg's The Memory Box


Do we truly have free will in our choices or, are the choices we make influenced by the echoes of the things around us? Can a person really imprint an emotional image of themselves onto personal items and can that imprint influence the decisions we make, many years later?

A tale is told of a found box in an antique store and that this box contains memorabilia; each piece being significant to the individual that owned it. One item is a photograph on the back of which is written an inscription and a prediction many, many years previous.

You ask the spectator to make four decisions and give them an opportunity to change their mind, once. Upon completion of the events, the prediction is revealed which matches the choices made.

Is it Free Will, Destiny or Unseen Influence?

A tale that will leave your audience with goosebumps and a genuine feeling of unease!

Comes with - 

  • Bosun's Call Whistle
  • 2 Dice
  • I Ching Coin
  • Photograph
  • The Box
  • Lothar's Original Routine

There is no skill needed for the memory box; It is a psychological effect and relies on selling the story.

The Memory Box sold out in minutes at Doomsday 2015 but is now available here direct from Canada with free global shipping.

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