Lothar Malmberg's The Blessing Coin
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Lothar Malmberg's The Blessing Coin Lothar Malmberg's The Blessing Coin

Lothar Malmberg's The Blessing Coin


We are an emotional creature; and when someone is able to speak to our inmost desires, needs, joys or disappointments, we are greatly moved.

The Blessing Coin gives you that opportunity to touch someone deeply, emotionally, and even a chance to change their day, week – maybe even their life!

What greater magic is there than that!

You place upon the table a small, leather covered box. Upon opening, you dump out 4 wooden tokens and a small wrapped package, the size of a coin. You invite a spectator to hold the package in their hand as they participate in this ‘journey’.

Before them lay 4 tokens with symbols representing life’s journey; things like Dreams, Happiness, Appreciation, Love….etc.

You ask them to take a moment to look over the icons and allow their inner minds to just drift; try not to focus on any particular need or event in life. Then, after a moment, you ask them to reach out with their right hand and touch an icon. You proceed to give a short reading about this icon and how it relates to their life.

Ask them to open the package in their hand and they hold a pewter coin with the same symbol and meaning stamped into it!

This can be left with them as a souvenir if you so desire.

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