Doppelganger - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
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Doppelganger - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Doppelganger - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Doppelganger - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Doppelganger - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Doppelganger - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Doppelganger - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Doppelganger - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Come down the rabbit hole and through the looking-glass with Lebanon Circle Magic: The long-awaited ‘double Doppelgänger’ is here! Professor BC has created two books in one with Lewis Carroll’s beloved pairing, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.

This is the most lightly edited volume in the Doppelgänger library. Your favourite illustrations, poems, characters, and adventures are here. Yet this offering is so much more than two Doppelgängers in one cover.

Yes, you can (if you wish) place this Alice on your Doppelgänger shelf and have it blend seamlessly into your current Doppelgänger routine, but you need not stop there . . .

The ‘double Alice’ allows for new handlings in which a spec can pick up this single volume and yet still have a random choice between two titles. It really is two books in one: this is a facsimile of the Macmillan ‘double’ Alice of 1897 (the first time both books appeared between a single cover).

In addition to that, this is the first children’s book Doppelgänger and, as such, includes additional, child-friendly hits along with the traditional Doppelgänger hits—this doubles the number of hit available on each and every page! (But these child-friendly hits have a wicked double edge that allows them to be used in darker contexts if desired.)

Note, this is a double book with double hits meaning that Alice is actually a quadruple Doppelgänger.

Furthermore, the double-Alice features ninety (90!) illustrations—the original John Tenniel illustrations that every Alice fan has seen from the start.

And, the pièce de résistance, an all-new-and-greatly-enhanced remote viewing system allowing you to describe each and every illustration in great detail. This system is extremely easy to master, requires no memory work for the initial hit (the book really does all the initial work for you), and the detail work is extremely simple to understand and employ—using a very typical Doppelgänger technique, the details of each individualized picture reveal themselves to you organically and quite invisibly.

The remote viewing is so good, in fact, that it makes for a complete one-off performance all by itself, or it can be included in your existing Dopps routine and can even provide a stunning finale to a full Doppelgänger show.

Some two-and-a-half years in the planning and creation, the double-Alice Doppelgänger could well be the finest, most versatile volume in the Dopps library.

Prof BC poured a lot of loving attention into the presentation and workings of your double-Alice Doppelgänger: the paper is a near-exact match to the original, the authentically rounded spine (a Dopps first!) required special hand-stitching to create, the cover has been printed on an antique letterpress to replicate the original covers, and even the chip-board was specially sourced to replicate the thinner covers of the Victorian era. Attention to detail is everywhere to be found from the precision of the font to the new ageing techniques replicating a century of little hands on beloved pages; absolutely nothing has been spared in making your double-Alice utterly authentic in look and feel.

Of course, as you would expect with a Prof BC book, the double-Alice may be read from cover-to-cover without tipping the method. It is utterly bomb proof.

And, as with all Doppelgängers, your double-Alice requires no stooges, peeks, fishing, ‘outs’, call-outs, forces, fishy moves, or Q&A—nothing other than the spec’s utterly normal handling of a book: She picks up the book, turns at random to absolutely any page she desires, looks silently at the words, and you begin at once to tell her what she sees. The more she validates, the more you know. This is no hype; Professor BC’s reputation precedes this extraordinary release, and previous Doppelgänger owners know that these tomes are precisely as described—Doppelgängers have been triumphantly featured in professional performances throughout the world.

This double-Alice Doppelgänger is a splendid addition to any Doppelgänger library as well as being the finest one-off Doppelgänger ever created (for those interested in a single-book, stand-alone presentation).

Apt for use in bizarre, séance, mentalism, and now even children’s performance.

The double-Alice is a full 370 pages with 90 illustrations and comes complete with the full Doppelgänger performance manual including all Doppelgänger instructions and special double-Alice handlings with new routines.

As always, this Doppelgänger title is limited to 125 books. Once they are gone, no more will be produced ever.