Doppelganger Accessory Pack #1
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Doppelganger Accessory Pack #1 Doppelganger Accessory Pack #1

Doppelganger Accessory Pack #1


One price, three accessories to ‘ramp up’ your Doppelgänger performances: You get two (2) audio downloads. These are professionally produced sonic presentations of the “Automatic Writing” and “The Haunted Library” scripts found in your Doppelgänger Performance Manual. Plus you will also receive the ICE AGE Evil 2-coin set.

“AUTOMATIC WRITING” is a 36-minute presentation. Anton Villiers recorded his last will and testament many decades ago, leaving his books behind to be handed down from parent to child until now. Now you will take your audience on a truly chilling sonic experience as Villiers’ spirit manifests in your séance room—summoned by the sound of his earthly voice—to lead your audience to a long-hidden message and reveal a great and shocking truth.

NOTE: “Automatic Writing” is available in two versions (and you receive both):

  • The first is to be played on digital media and includes the sounds of the vinyl record that Villiers left behind (and that you presumably recorded onto this digital media).
  • The second leaves off the vinyl scratches so you can have it put directly on an old vinyl disc yourself (there are still some vinyl sounds when Villiers plays his own music on the recording).

The 36-minute run time is calculated to fit on an LP record that allows 18 minutes of play on each side.

“THE HAUNTED LIBRARY” is a 23-minute presentation. You had the good fortune to record the television program, Paranormal Investigations, directly off your set when it was broadcast last President’s Day weekend. This was the evening they investigated the strange case that led to the indisputable evidence of ghostly possession that modern researches remain unable to explain. You propose to conduct the famous experiment with your own group of sitters .  .  . using the original books, perhaps even in the original library . . . only to discover the haunting continues today. This recording comes complete with genuine American television commercials to cue you when to pause the recording and do your bits of the show.

Both presentations are carefully written to allow you to use any number of books *(three or more recommended) and, because actual titles are never mentioned, you may use any combination of Doppelgänger books with either presentation.

The Haunted Library presentation is carefully crafted to allow you to perform it in any home or public building (such as a hotel). You may either suppose the room you use to be the original room or else present the show as though researchers have discovered that the books themselves manifest the uncanny power of the famous experiment anywhere they are used (and thus can be presented in any home that has a separate room attached to the main area).

Both presentations allow you the opportunity to present a full Doppelgänger show almost immediately with no memorization. [NOTE: These scripts are included in your Performance Manual, and you are expected to study them there to learn your part in the show.  Beyond that, these shows are completely self-working. The haunting will occur every time.]

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: You are buying only the live performance rights for these recordings. No copying or recording of any kind is to be permitted while you present these shows. This includes a direct ban on televised performance, film or video, YouTube, and any other form of video or audio or any other type of recording.

You also receive

The ICE AGE Evil coin set. The routine and handling for these coins is included in your Doppelgänger Performance Manual, and they are to be used for performances employing a single Doppelgänger book.

These are two brass coins the size of a US quarter or British 10p coin. These coins are not aged but may be aged at your discretion with ammonia or commercially available brass aging solutions. Sanding or otherwise wearing down the images is not recommended as it could jeopardize their ability to work as designed.

NOTE: The ‘skull’ image is reversed on the coins to allow it to appear in proper form when the crayon is rubbed over it on paper. Thus, it cannot be identified when looking at the coin itself, but appears when the rubbing is produced. However, this technique needs to be practiced to get the proper outcome and you should be aware that you need to work on getting your ‘touch’ just right to produce the initial image of the skull [but even if the knack eludes you, producing a ‘dark spot’ from the coin works for purposes of this part of the presentation]. The words EVIL and OMEN on the reverse of the coins (the important element of the effect) appear readily when rubbed with crayon on paper and are easy to read on the coins.