Doppelganger - A Christmas Carol
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Doppelganger - A Christmas Carol Doppelganger - A Christmas Carol Doppelganger - A Christmas Carol

Doppelganger - A Christmas Carol


The Charles Dickens Christmas classic comes to Doppelganger. The most popular ghost story of all time now finds its way to the Doppelganger library.

Dickens was a great fan of ghost stories and wrote several himself ('The Signalman'; 'The Haunted Man' and others) but in A Christmas Carol he managed to create in Jacob Marley 'perhaps the greatest haunting force in English literature' and followed him up with not one or two but three more ghosts, who come to startle, terrorize and ultimately reclaim Ebenezer Scrooge.

This small volume emulates the rare (500 copies) initial run of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, with the green endpapers that Dickens rejected for yellow in the following copies. This volume includes the original cover and spine illustrations lovingly embossed in gold with blind-stamped front and back cover frames (as found on the original). Also, this is the first Dopps with colour plates! The beautiful Leech colour (and b/w) illustrations have been preserved in beautiful giclee to emulate the original steel plate engravings. And, of course, each book is hand-aged to replicate the passage of years since 1843. The mouse-velvet cover is rubbed smooth in places where generations of loving hands have opened this treasured book, and the dark soiling bespeaks its century-and-a-half of age; in every aspect this book breathes authenticity, as you have come to expect with the Doppelganger collection.

Because of its immediate collectability in 1843, nearly all of the 500 original copies are known still to exist today, so while very expensive to acquire, it is not unlikely that you could have purchased, inherited or been given one of these historic books.

As you would expect, you can read this book cover-to-cover and never tip the method, yet you have the full arsenal of the Doppelganger technique at hand in this powerful little book.

As with all Doppelgangers, A Christmas Carol is a limited edition run of 110 copies. When those have gone, this book will be permanently retired.

Pre-orders for established Doppelganger performers and collectors begins Monday, November 10, with the official release occurring on Friday November 15. Certificate of Authenticity numbers may be reserved only from November 10-14, accompanied by pre-order purchase. Specific CoA numbers cannot be guaranteed after November 14. Books begin shipping immediately on the release day, November 15.

All books will ship from Professor BC's USA address.

Please add the Authenticity Number you require to the notes on checkout.

Bring the Yuletide season to life with the Doppelganger Christmas Carol: 'Krampus bless us, Everyone!'