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Lebanon Circle Magic proudly  presents DOPPLEGANGER. From the mind of Professor BC comes the most convincing, devilish (and easiest to master) book experiment ever.

The performer/medium/mentalist presents a small library of rare, first-edition books for a genuine any-book, any-page presentation. As with Professor BC's other book tests, DOPPLEGANGER will feature books that can genuinely be read cover-to-cover without tipping the method, but there are several new additions that make DOPPLEGANGER unlike anything you have seen before.

Your spectator can select any of the antique books on display (these were the books found on the desk of August Carter, a famous collector of arcana, who expired whilst considering these ancient tomes--strange to report, he died on this date exactly one hundred years ago with these books arranged around him on his desk).

Your spectator can thumb through them one after another. Every page is different. The stories are all very familiar, even famous. The illustrations are all different, too. It appears (even on very close examination) to be a wholly genuinely random selection of books.

The spectator may then decide on any of the books and turn to any page therein. Absolutely no forcing, no collusion, no controlling and no peeks. It is exactly as it appears, a wholly free any book/any page choice.

Your spectator can even take the rare book home and read it. It really is simply a famous old book.  You can even do the reading over the telephone after your spectator has spent the week reading the book. It is that clean.

But here is what is new: You need do practically NO MEMORIZING whatsoever. If you know your alphabet and can count you are ready to perform genuine miracles. You can engage in DETAILED REMOTE viewing. The illustrations are all unique, but you not only can divine that the spectator has selected an illustrated page, you can then go on to describe the illustration IN GREAT DETAIL with no prompts whatever--YOU CAN ACTUALLY DRAW A PICTURE OF THE ILLUSTRATION your spectator has freely selected (provided, of course, that you can draw). Still, no peeks, no prompts. The method requires NO PROMPTS. The reading commences WITHOUT A WORD OR GESTURE from the spectator. She merely selects her book, flips to the page she desires, and you begin telling her what she is reading. But more, you can have other spectators select other books from the 'library' of first editions, turn to any page they secretly desire, and you can conduct SIMULTANEOUS readings from each book.

Indeed, the full DOPPLEGANGER effect is that a message emerges from the spirit world from the combination of independently selected pages. What's more, you can actually tell the spectators when they share certain words and concepts on their separately selected pages and when their page contains a unique idea or word that the others definitely do not have--the miracle being the certainty with which you are able to operate. And yet more, unlike many book tests, DOPPLEGANGER has a clear, strong finale that will leave your audience breathless and a little concerned about their own safety and sanity. Finally, what emerges in your performance is not a word (though you can, if you wish, easily perform this as a one-off mentalism feat) but rather a WHOLE STORY.

DOPPLEGANGER is designed to allow huge latitude to you in revealing through words, ideas, and pictures a number of possible stories. Have you contacted the spirit of an innocent woman unfairly hanged for witchcraft, or is it the vengeful spirit of an executed criminal whose spirit rises to pose a direct threat to your spectators, maybe it is the ghost of a benevolent soul wishing to caution you about the omens around you in the room? The story unfolds precisely as you desire, and it is never the same story twice because (of course!) you don't always summon the same spirit.

Book enthusiasts will note from this initial selection that the DOPPLEGANGER library is being carefully selected to include the most beautiful covers and widest range in book lengths. This visually suggests the randomness of the experiment whilst also decorating your performance area with gorgeous, old books. Yes, you can perform a superb routine with any one volume (your choice which), but you can achieve the DOPPLEGANGER effect only when you have any two (again, entirely your choice)--and the full performance potential can be achieved (growing in spectacle, randomness & wonder) when you have three or more (even though your work actually becomes easier the more books you have in play!) If you are familiar with Professor BC's other offerings, you realize that his props (as with all Lebanon props) are second to none for artistry, beauty, believability, ease of working, and magical effect.

DOPPLEGANGER offers you near-perfect facsimiles of rare, old volumes of some of the greatest bizarre writers ever to have lived. You will be proud to have this collection on your bookshelf--and if anyone asks how you acquired these books, you are ready with a chilling backstory of hopes defeated, death, and vengeance leading to a truly terrifying communication with the spirit world through this collection of haunted books. Each title will be produced in a limited run of 100 books, and they will never be printed again after the first 100 (of each title) is sold. Note: For owners of GH*ST, DOPPLEGANGER uses rather a different method with completely different hits. GH*ST cannot therefore work as part of the DOPPLEGANGER effect, but it can easily be included in your on-stage library of rare books and can be used as a 'convincer' for new & different revelations arising out of a wholly similar handling. The performance manual will include ideas for incorporating & blending GH*ST into the DOPPLEGANGER routine. Also, DOPPLEGANGER has been crafted to virtually eliminate even the little memory work you had to do for GH*ST! It is as close to a 'perform it right out of the box' effect as a book test can ever hope to be.