Dominus Vox
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Dominus Vox Dominus Vox Dominus Vox Dominus Vox

Dominus Vox


From the Latin meaning “The Voice of God”.

The rumors are true...

Turns out those stories being spread online, circulating as whispers on forums across the web were grounded in something actual. What was once merely an urban legend about a box that answered questions turns out to be something more than just a scary story from the dark corners of the internet. Dominus Vox exists.

Some say it was made by the Devil. Others say the Spiritualist church used it to communicate with the dead. The truth is no one knows where it really came from. All anyone knows is the thing spreads its secrets like a cancer, the dice hinting of things no one was ever supposed to know.

Those who have owned it before have all died in unusual and unfortunate accidents. They abused its power. You will not make the same mistakes. Be sure you really want to know the answers to your question before you ask the dice for the truth. Because once you cross that threshold, there’s no going back. It’s true what they say…

Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Dare you head the words from the box or will you find yourself the subject of another rumor on the web, the victim of unfortunate circumstances after coming into contact with it? Are you the next chapter in this story?

The Effect

You share your interest in all things bizarre with a particularly frightening tale about a box that can communicate with the dead. Found on a creepy pasta website of old reposted stories from across the web, you invite your audience to become a part of the impossible events that have crossed over from the digital and into the real.

You introduce the box, displaying the dice within.

They can be examined, and mixed, then tossed in the box and given a shake. You can mix them inside the drawer as many times as you please. Until you say the magic word.

At your command, the spirits produce a terrifying supernatural manifestation. When the drawer is opened the dice relay a message from beyond, the letters of the words linking together to create an incredible display. The dead are among us and they are not silent!

Dominus Vox allows you to create a message from the spirits without using magnets, electronics, gaffed dice, tricky box flaps or any knuckle busting maneuvers or sleight of hand. The method is entirely self-working relying instead on one of the classics of mentalism from Annemann himself.

Use the dice to communicate with the dead during a séance or use them to predict the future or read minds. The learned performer will have near infinite applications for the device. Many effects are possible once you master the incredibly simple method. From fortune telling to ESP cards, there are enough avenues to explore to occupy a life-time.

You will receive a handmade hand aged petite spiritualist lexicon dice box with faux carved ivory inlay designed to perform a miracle. Each dice is created individually, stamped and aged by hand. Every box is painstakingly crafted to appear as the real thing. The faux carved ivory inlay is cast by hand and aged to reproduce an accurate facsimile that will pass all but the hot needle test!

You will also gain access to a special Creepy-Pasta blog which contains many complete stories from across the web, and that will appear to be quite ordinary even to the pasta aficionado. One story however will allow you to bridge the gap between performance and nightmare. Let them take their experience beyond the boundaries of the theater and into their homes, offices, and even share it with their friends.

Each set includes:

  • 24 Handmade and aged lexicon dice.
  • 1 Handmade and aged red oak hardwood box with faux carved ivory inlay
  • 1 Eighty page performance manual PDF
  • 1 Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • And a special link to a Creepy-pasta blog you can share with your audience

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