Derbyshire Mummified Fairy Kit & DVD Workshop
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Derbyshire Mummified Fairy Kit & DVD Workshop Derbyshire Mummified Fairy Kit & DVD Workshop Derbyshire Mummified Fairy Kit & DVD Workshop

Derbyshire Mummified Fairy Kit & DVD Workshop


April 1st 2014 marks the 7th anniversary of the Derbyshire Mummified Fairy Hoax. Dubbed one of the greatest hoaxes of all time, the iconic images of a tiny fairy corpse in a forensics lab captured the imagination of the world and is still going viral to this day.

The Fairy hits the news!
The Fairy hits the news!

The original mummified fairy inspired a multitude of similar creations, some good, some bad and the internet is awash with tutorials and speculation on how the original was made. These range from a dead spider monkey to full blown conspiracy theories that the fairy was actually real and I was forced by the government to reveal it as a hoax.

It’s time to lay those theories to rest and reveal how the iconic fairy was really made.

The DVD is aimed at all ages and all abilities. The inspiration for the project ignited when my 13 year old son told me about a friend who wished he knew how to create the mummified fairy. Thus the seed was planted!

The DVD would be an ideal entry level OOAK (One Of A Kind) project as well as an interesting challenge for the experienced modeller.

I will reveal the processes over 3 hours in step-by-step detail covering the following topics and more -

  • Making an Armature

  • Sculpting the Figure

  • Dynamic Posing

  • Fabricating the Body

  • Applying Hair

  • Making Wings

  • Creating Eyes

  • Building the Armature

  • Placing Accessories and Wings

  • Adding Surface Details

  • Sculpting Hands

  • Sculpting Feet

  • Incorporating Natural Materials such as Insect Parts

The kit is specifically designed to accompany the DVD and give you everything required to follow all the chapters.  All kit components are non-toxic and easy to replace should you require more (although ample amounts of each item are supplied).The kit also comes neatly packaged in a presentation tin which can even be used to store your fairy in once complete.

The kit is presented in a vintage style le parfait jar containing-


1x Skeleton
1x Modelling stand
1x Spool of armature wire
1x Set of black eyes
1x Epoxy putty
1x Hand push mould
1x Polymer clay
1x Pot black acrylic primer
1x Bottle PVA Glue
1x Bundle of mummification material
1x Leaf wing set
1x Acetate insect wing set
1x Antenae set
1x Hair material

Shipped from the UK

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