3 Wishes / Lycanthrope Moon
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3 Wishes / Lycanthrope Moon 3 Wishes / Lycanthrope Moon

3 Wishes / Lycanthrope Moon


Professor BC in association with Lebanon Circle Magic presents Three Wishes / Lycanthrope Moon, the good professor’s take on the classic copper/silver gaff. This prop is specially hand minted and depicts on both sides a seventeenth-century illustration of the Moon in 24K gold and Sterling Silver—a virtual piece of jewelry.

Because the prop depicts a moon on both sides (no 'heads or tails') it actually works better than the traditional copper/silver coin, for the performance manual includes handlings that allow you to seem to show both sides of the gaff as either completely gold or silver even before you do an (optional) switch with the ungaffed coin that you may use to hand around.

The Effects

Three Wishes - Inspired by Docc Hilford's Nightmare Coins, a child’s fairytale comes to life before her very eyes when she selects a wish and then sees it materialize.

Lycanthrope Moon - Inspired by David Forrest’s Heavy Mental, an adult is taken into the fearful regions of night as she selects the Lycanthrope Moon every time (without fail, using no force).

Your Three Wishes/Lycanthrope Moon set includes a coin box and three Moon coins:

  • one gold coin (24K)
  • one silver coin (Sterling), and
  • one gaffed gold/silver coin
All three coins are shimmed. They have a heart of steel that will allow them to be used in PK effects and magnetic holdouts—and the coin box is just such a holdout containing a hidden and very powerful N52 neodymium magnet to help you with your handlings.  In addition, you will receive two practice moon coins (applies to the first 100 sales only). These are to be used in your rehearsals to keep your performance coins clean and beautiful for years to come.

Your performance manual includes the routines already mentioned and in addition handling instructions to perform The Slip Switch*; The False Pass Switch*; Multiple Out Handling*; The Utility Turn Over* as well as instructions for creating your own inexpensive holdout; printable props; and a very special bonus effect entitled Clair de Lune.

*PLEASE NOTE: These handlings are included only to help add value to your set. No advanced ‘coin manipulation’ skill is required to perform either Three Wishes or Lycanthrope Moon. If you can palm well enough to produce a coin from behind a child’s ear, you have all the ‘coin mastery’ you need to perform these effects.

In addition, because these are in essence utility props, you can devise any number of other handlings (depending upon your skill) and routines drawn from the vast wealth of copper/silver magic literature currently on the market.

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