Originally a one-man business venture the time has finally come for Lebanon Circle to share its success and provide a sales and marketing platform for other independent producers.  Aimed and the bizarre and mentalist community we actively look for innovative magic creators and prop designers to join the ranks.  If you are a small independent producer Lebanon Circle is the best choice to showcase your dark talents and secure success without selling your soul to the devil (I've already done that on your behalf!)

The benefits of using Lebanon Circle as your sales platform -

  • your product will be instantly visible to a global audience
  • you'll be given your own product page and biography
  • we provide a translation service making your product more accessible to non-English speaking performers and audiences
  • global wholesale (optional)
  • a huge established client base
  • being part of an revered and well known brand
  • promotion and exposure through various social media outlets
  • belonging to a network of other industry artists and performers

Case Study - Doppelganger by Prog BC

Prof BC is one of the most prolific and respected producers in the bizarre magic industry and Lebanon Circle is proud to be the only distributer of his new products.  Combining Prof BC's reputation for quality with Lebanon Circle's marketing experience the limited edition effect 'Doppelganger' sold out completely in 3 weeks.  Prof BC admits that he expected the effect to sell for at least 6 months however, that was not to be.  Producing a good quality effect requires considerable investment and a well engineered pre-release publicity campaign is essential to recoup the financial blow as quickly as possible.  Prof BC was able to recoup all of his production costs on the first day of release.

While not all releases will be as successful as 'Doppelgänger' ensuring you have a solid and reputable sales platform to market your product from is essential.  Why struggle trying to drive customers to a new site in a dark corner of the internet when you can be part of one of the most visited bizarre magic sites in the world and start selling today?


Q - How do I start?

A - Lebanon Circle is constantly scouting for talented 'thinkers', producers and innovative entrepreneurs to join The Inner Circle. If you create or sell something magically bizarre and unique and you want exposure then we want to hear from you.  Even if you are an established company we are still interested in combining forces and promoting your products on your behalf.

Lebanon Circle has very high standards and all products must be your own designs and work. 

Q - How much does it cost to join?

A - There is no joining fee.

By joining The Inner Circle you are not tied into a fixed term contract and you are free to leave whenever you want.

Q - Do you take a commission?

A - Yes, we take 15% of each sale. You can either adjust your price when you join us to take this commission into account or leave your prices as they are. You have full control over all pricing aspects.

Q - How does the payment process work?

A - When an item is sold the money comes to Lebanon Circle. You will be notified by email of the order. You then ship the item to the customer and e-mail us back when the shipment is complete. Once the item is shipped we then transfer the money to the seller (minus our commission) as soon as the money hits the Lebanon Circle account.

Q - Can I sell my products elsewhere?

A - Of course! Lebanon Circle promotes artistic freedom and you can sell you work anywhere you wish. All we insist is that you keep us up to date on your products and stock levels.

Q - Location

A - Lebanon Circle is a UK based company however, that does not restrict who can join. As long as you have experience of shipping your items overseas then you’ll be fine.

We have over a decade of global shipping experience and hold accounts with major courier firms such as FedEx and UPS.

If you are interested please send a link or selection of images of your work to, we’ll then take a look and get back to you. If you’re accepted into The Inner Circle you’ll be able to submit your work and start selling straight away.