The Mystic Menagerie

The Mystic Menagerie was an occasional e-zine, serving the needs of the bizarre and occult entertainer. Each issue contains effects, ideas, reviews and articles on a wide range of deliciously dark topics including hypnosis, tarot, ghost hunting, séances and anything we deem bizarre enough for you entertainment needs.Some of the greatest minds in the world of mystery entertainment have contributed to magazine ensuring the bizarrist has something to read in between raising the dead and photographing the spirits of Victorian children.

The magazine is no longer in production as an e-zine as it has spread its bat-like wings to preach to a larger audience by the power of Podcast.

The Mystic Menagerie Podcast is now your regular descent into the world of alternative entertainment, art and culture.  Bolt the door, light the fire and pour yourself a glass of virgin rouge and let your hosts Dan Baines and Lord Freddie Valentine guide you through the Stygian depths of your darkest desires.

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