Doppelganger - Shakespeare's Great Tragedies Seconds
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Doppelganger - Shakespeare's Great Tragedies Seconds


Several copies of the Shakespeare Doppelganger came back from the binder with a page block out of order. These were returned for correction and were corrected. The corrections, however, created blocks that were slightly out of line with the book block (a matter of less than a millimeter, but it can be seen). These books are in every way exactly the same as a 'perfect' Shakespeare Doppelganger except for this slight cosmetic flaw.

It was Prof BC's intention to destroy these 'imperfect' books, but I have prevailed upon him to let you decide. Therefore, we are pleased to offer this very limited few books as a 'second' and at a substantial discount of nearly 50 percent under the price of 'firsts.'
These 'seconds' will be sold 'as is' without a Certificate of Authenticity or number. The covers are aged but there will be no aging on the pages (a DIY project or it can be left as is and still pass for an old, well-treated volume). The books are in perfect condition for performance but have obvious cosmetic imperfections from the bindery having to reset misaligned pages and not getting the job done properly.