Prof BC

'Prof BC' has been acting professionally since the 1960's in legitimate theatre, beginning his professional career as Prince Arthur in Shakespeare's King John at the age of 8. He has performed magic since nearly that time, going professional in his late teens when he performed an escape act throughout the US and Canada. He learned his craft from his great-uncle, who was a professional Mandrake-style illusionist called Lytell during the heyday of magic in the 1930's through the 1960's; he also studied briefly under the tutelage of Dai Vernon.

As a magician, Prof BC appeared on American television in the 1970's and was even mentioned in Sports Illustrated magazine for an escape stunt he performed during halftime of a West Coast basketball game. He served as head of a university theatre program for a decade and is today a senior university professor specializing in Renaissance literature; he is a multiple award-winning novelist and playwright, theatre designer, horse trainer, nationally ranked fencer (men's foil), and proponent of the emerging art of bizarre magic. His contributions to the bizarre magic community include the book effects PHANTOMS, DarkSpell, and GH*ST, a series of haunted props such as Lovely Lucy (a rapping doll arm) and The Haunted Inns of England (a revolutionary haunted key set up). He is perhaps best known in the magic community for the in-depth performance manuals he has written for his own and other inventors' effects, which are often book length and serve as treatises in their own right on the art of bizarre magic.

What is not so widely known about 'Prof BC' is that he once auditioned, and was called back, for the role of Luke Skywalker (but the force was not with him).