Parlour Ghost & E.R. Perkins


PARLOUR GHOST is a recently manifested collaborative of artists and dark storytellers dedicated to quality theatrical considerations for mystery performers. They present props and scripted spirits intended to enhance your production, be it an exploration of haunted literature, the 'gory romances' of classical theater, or a bizarre, all-ages performance of grandma's ghost story.

While the members of this group wish to remain blissfully anonymous, they represent 20 odd years of professional theater, music, and television performance and production. They are pleased to turn their attention now to the grim, the ghastly and the merry macabre, and hope to inspire and compliment the society of mystery.

There's a ghost in the parlour and he's grinning ear to ear.

E.R. Perkins

Managing the interests of the newly formed PARLOUR GHOST is 'E.R. Perkins'. Perkins has been a professional actor, writer, composer and producer for over 17 years.

His experience truly lies in character-driven performance, live music, and voice acting. He has played at theatrical festivals all over the US and Canada, as well as over a decade's worth of libraries, gymnasiums, morning shows, parades and theme parks. He's co-written and produced eight albums, two original musicals, and four fringe theater favorites.

After a full career of themed entertainment, he has set his sights on the bizarre. It is a season of transition for E.R. Perkins, as he steps out of the light and into the shadows. He wishes to thank his lovely wife, The Widow Perkins, for her undying support.