Lothar Malmberg

Born in New Guinea at an early age, I came into this world as a Missionary’s Kid. At the age of two, I was already running away from home to the airport ready to entertain the world, one way or another.

My formal training came in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, My teacher told me, “Remember, people want to be entertained. They don’t care how, as long as they are entertained.” This was good advice.

My career has taken me to Jamaica, Edward’s Air Force Base, across Western Canada and the U.K. My name is even a household word in Germany – I have relatives there!

I have written, produced and performed a comedic Medieval Dinner Theatre, the Magicomedy Program, a spooky Spirit Theatre and have been a Street Performer.

I am also a born-again Christian. This has put me in an odd and unique place within the bizarre magick community. Over the past 15 years I have been striving to bring more interpersonal meaning to my magic and my faith; and Bizarre Magick has been the catalyst! As a result of this journey, ECHOES…Spirit Theatre was born; an interactive, gentle ghost story of love, loss and hope.

The journey continues as I seek to make greater sense of my Faith, my Magic and the world around me.

As Poe put it, “The boundaries between life and death are at best shadowy and vague; who can say where one ends and the other begins?”