Gemini Artifacts


Vic Nadata has been performing magic for over 20 years, and creating his own effects for over a decade. In the mid 1990’s he presented his dove act for more than 500 people. He has always been interested in the spooky side of things. He can recall, at age 13, being drawn to bookstores, where he spent hours devouring the metaphysical section of each.

Vic is known for creating some of the most popular effects in the last few years. His effects have been performed worldwide, have been nominated for trick of the year, and have garnished overall praise from the magic community. Some of his creations include Ipswich, Luna 1934 and Lillian’s Diary. In 2012, he opened Gemini Artifacts, where he continues to create high quality, hand-made, bizarre effects. He has also provided consulting for performers and other creators.

Vic currently lives in North Carolina with his wife and his twin girls (his inspiration for the name Gemini). He holds a first-degree black belt, is an avid reader of Stephen King, and has the most popular house in the neighborhood at Halloween time.