The W0rm
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The W0rm



“What buries itself before its dead?” –Thomas Ligotti

This idol of death, the Ouroboros, symbolizes the eternal recurrence. Legend says it was made from compressed human cremains, something similar to hardened pressed coal or graphite and was used to induct acolytes of the faith into the fold of immortals. Others say it is much stranger than that. Some believe that beneath our feet an ancient forgotten race of things burrow and tunnel in the dark below waiting to re-emerge…

The Effect:

After introducing your audience to an ashen black idol revered by the world’s most prominent death cult, you invite one volunteer to become a human sacrifice. But things aren’t exactly as they appear. Your volunteer will choose from among ten prayer cards, the significance of which could spell doom. Yet past life regression, immortality, and fate conspire to create a miracle.The W0rm is a piece of magickal theater that takes a look at life from beneath the grave. Other routines included are a murder phone-book test where the idol erases a real person chosen by the audience and an invocation of The W0rms power to alter reality itself.

The W0rm is a meditation on life, death and everything in between. Take a journey with your audience into what it really means to be alive.

The Routine

After introductions are made and the story told, the mage asks for a volunteer to participate in a mysterious ceremony. The performer spreads out ten prayer cards into a circle around the Idol and explains; each prayer card is inscribed by a symbol which represents a past existence, except for one. But we have no interest in just any former incarnation. They are instructed to forget these previous lives, and instead focus on the void between them, the eternal kingdom of the W0rm. This is our target, the sign of the W0rm. Little by little these past lives are surrendered, forgotten and eliminated by the volunteer until only two prayer card remains. Each choice they have made has brought us here, to these final moments where they now choose which sign they wish to keep, and which they wish to discard.  Once they’ve made this ultimate decision, the final remaining sign is revealed to miraculously match that of the W0rms, proving their journey into the dark was a remarkable success.

What you get:

You will receive a handmade and aged statue of “The W0rm” based on original artwork unlike anything you’ll see anywhere else, and ten hand aged Sanskrit prayer cards specially designed to accompany this effect.

No sleight of hand required as the method is based on a very simple and direct force, with one very special nuance that elevates the selection process to bullet-proof perfection.


Each set includes:

  • 1 Handmade and aged Ouroboros “W0rm” statuette
  • 10 Hand aged Sanskrit Prayer cards
  • 1 Thirty page performance instruction PDF
  • 1 Certificate of Authenticity