The Compendium of Bizarre Magic – Lebanon Circle Prop & Illusion Design
The Compendium of Bizarre Magic
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The Compendium of Bizarre Magic


Over the past few years I have spent many a sleepless night devising effects.  Some of these ideas never even made it to the drawing board, some I actually built and marketed, some are still locked away in the depths of my imagination awaiting their turn to be realised. 

This effects compendium should have been titled ‘Lebanon Circle – the early years’.  It is a collection of my discontinued effects including everything from the much sought after ‘Ghost in the Machine’ to a short paper on faking spirit photography.  Included here are the plans to build your own effects to the same specification, details where to purchase the components and where to save money on buying certain magic items.  I no longer custom build the effects covered in this book but it seems a shame not to share the theory, routines and construction details with other budding magicians who are not scared to get their hands dirty.

This collection of 17 effects with step by step construction guides, routines and bonus material is spread over 100 magical pages in e-book format and contains the following material...

Ghost in the Machine

The first custom built Lebanon Circle effect and hugely collectable.  Original units in the past have fetched up to £1000 on EBay.  All the original documentation is included along with all the construction details you need to build your own.  The method and mechanics are as simple as you can probably get for a beginner magic project. 

It was this creation that started it all for me so it has some sentimental value.  Often copied and sold for a hefty price tag I’ll show you how to make one for under £10.  

Pseudo Psycho

12 PK routines that originally came with Ghost in the Machine.  Some good, some basic, some to inspire, there’s something for everyone here (well everyone who owns a magnet anyway!)


Psychometry is the practice of receiving information from physical objects. Photographs, jewellery, articles of clothing, and many other objects can be read in this way.

Here I reveal the original and best method, favoured by the Victorian charlatans and used by many mentalists over the past century.

A Guide to Fake Spirit Photography

The holy grail of a séance or a ghost hunt is to come back with a picture of a spirit.  However, since very few ghost hunters are trained, experienced photographers, the pictures they take can have artifacts which are misinterpreted as spirits. Some of these pictures are said to contain orbs, vortices or ectoplasm but a little common sense and knowledge of digital photography proves otherwise.

Luckily for us spirit photography is one of the easiest hoaxes to create.  

Produce orbs, vortices and ectoplasm using nothing more than a digital camera and a few household items.  Fools the ghost hunters every time!

The Spirit Cell

Conduct long range ESP and demonstrate EVP.  A satisfying project for any magician who owns a soldering iron and an old cell phone.  

Also included is The Midnight Caller, details on how to use the Spirit Cell to protect your home or vehicle.  Devices similar to this will cost you in excess of £500; learn how to build one for virtually nothing.

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