The BS Wallet
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The BS Wallet The BS Wallet The BS Wallet The BS Wallet The BS Wallet

The BS Wallet


Lebanon Circle presents the latest release from Delimbeau, another sure-fire hit that is destined to become an essential tool of the trade for bizarrists and storytellers. 

There are many situations in which a switching wallet can be very useful for story telling purposes. However, most of the existing switching wallets look too fancy and modern to be used as an authentic prop during bizarre story telling magic. They are machine-stitched, contain zippers and/or have a shiny (mostly black) leather look. Furthermore, the regular wallets are often too small to contain the bigger Tarot cards and photographs.

Therefore, Delimbeau has developed the BS Wallet, an old looking Bizarre Switching Wallet  which can fit most Tarot cards and photographs. The high-quality leather wallet is hand-made in The Netherlands so there are no high-tech machines or child labor involved.

What you get

The spooky looking wallet comes with three marked Tarot cards: The Devil, Death and the Lovers. In your ‘kit’ you will also find two aged small envelopes. One contains some pieces of marl (from Delimbeau’s native soil) and the other contains a couple of grains of fool’s gold. You might weave these into your stories (do I hear King Midas calling?). And you can, for example, use them in the story ‘Death as a new beginning’, as featured in the manual.

In the 35-page pdf-manual, you will find 10 stories to accompany BS-Wallet. The stories can be used as they are, but of course they may be altered according to your taste. Their most important purpose is to stimulate endless possibilities of this great new bizarrist’s tool.

Manual available by instant download on checkout.

Cross not included.


  • Total wallet size, folded: 16 x 10 cm (6.30 x 3.90 inch).
  • Flaps: about 16 x 8 cm (6.30 x 3.15 inch).
  • Cards that fit: 13 x 7 cm (5.12 x 2.76 inch) and even 14 cm/5.50 inch long.


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Shipped from the Netherlands.

Stock is limited.