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Spirit by Dead Art Inc


The Oracle of the Dead

From the very beginning people have sought answers to life’s great mysteries. Turning to prophets and devices for the truth about the grave, some have spent vast fortunes for answers, others have spent their very lives. While many have claimed special insights from beyond, in 1836 Phillip Scott Walker had a dream. When he awoke, he commissioned a coin. A very special coin. Then Mr. Walker killed himself...  

SPIRIT is a YES/NO oracle coin guaranteed to answer sitter’s questions to the spirits with 100% accuracy. From the moment you open the drawstring bag, the weight of the coin alone sets SPIRIT apart from anything you’ve seen before. Each coin is individually crafted and detailed by hand to produce a perfectly aged artifact of heirloom quality that will give you a lifetime of performances.   

SPIRIT is also a concept which allows you to use any borrowed coin to produce the same phenomena! The 50 page manual thoroughly explores multiple handlings and alternatives which give the performer the flexibility meet any challenge. Held in the sitters own hands, concealed from sight or even spun on the table, the coin is always right! Each of the methods included allow for an extended Q and A session with the other side that will leave your audiences speechless. Without any apparent charlatanry from the magician, the sitter is able to produce uncannily accurate answers from the spirit world in their own hands!  Each successive reply from beyond becomes more and more remarkable as every possible explanation is eliminated. The magician never even needs to touch the coin during the routine!

The ease with which SPIRIT produces these answers gives the magician plenty of freedom to focus on performance without worrying about failure. The 50 page manual also details every nuance and inevitability so you never have to fear something going wrong. While the simplicity and versatility of SPIRIT provides ample opportunity to incorporate it into your existing routines without compromise.  The SPIRIT effect can be performed impromptu, with borrowed coins, completely surrounded, at a table or standing up while naked!  

What you get:

  • 1 Handmade specially gaffed 2” YES/NO oracle coin
  • 1 Drawstring Jute bag
  • 1 Fifty page manual, including multiple methods to produce the SPIRIT effect
  • 1 Certificate of Authenticity