Lothar Malmberg's The Power of Love
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Lothar Malmberg's The Power of Love Lothar Malmberg's The Power of Love Lothar Malmberg's The Power of Love

Lothar Malmberg's The Power of Love


“The Power of Love“

We have all heard of it, perhaps even tossed the term around ourselves, but have we ever experienced it – beyond the grave?

Here is a story of love, true love; a love that has withstood the test of time and distance, only to come shattering down around us!

Peter and Annaliese have been apart for a year, not long after their marriage began. He left all that was familiar to come to a strange and unfamiliar land. Now, on the verge of being reunited to the arms of each other, their lives are shattered by death and sorrow.

But is that the end to their love or is there a bond between them that neither death, distance nor time can separate?

You let your audience decide as the story unwinds before them in these few personal mementos of their relationship.

Love, loss and hope all come together in this intimate story of Peter and Annaliese; a tale to soften even the hardest heart.


The audience is invited to hear the re-telling of a sad love story from the 1950's.

They are introduced to Peter and his wife, Annaliese. Upon the death of one of them, all that is left behind is a book with a secret compartment containing a love letter, a key, and a few select Tarot Cards.

Inviting a spectator to join you, you have them create a clock face on the table using the Cards, silently select an hour and when your back is turned, to look at the card that sits at that hour.

Now the haunt begins. Concentrating on their card, you place the key into your hand and as you go around the clock and back again, slowly the key begins to move, then stop, then move again.

This continues as you hone into the position of the Card the spectator is thinking of.

As you finally decide upon an hour, the key completes its turn, as if moved by an invisible hand opening the chamber to a secret.

You now have someone read the love letter and it mentions a Tarot Card, their special card. You ask the spectator which Card they looked at and it is the same as the deceased lovers. Finally you turn to the Card which the key selected, and upon turning it over, it also matches the other two selections.

Perhaps the dead do still speak through their love.

You receive:

  • A pre 1950 hollowed out book
  • An old skeleton key
  • A select set of Tarot Cards (incomplete)
  • A copy of an aged letter
  • A translation of the letter
  • A copy of a Death Certificate
  • The Script and back story

Everything you need to perform this piece of intimate seance theatre.

Skill Level

Outside of a self-working force and the Haunted Key, no skill is necessary. However, the ability to tell a good story and make it believable is a must, if you want a great performance piece.

Suitable for audiences of up to 50. I like to perform "in-the-round" as much as possible for pieces like this. It makes it more intimate and more people can participate.


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