The Mystic Menagerie Podcast Episode 7
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The Mystic Menagerie Podcast Episode 7


Join Freddie & Dan at the Mystic Menagerie Mansion and hear their thoughts on the mystery photographs they received purporting to show the remains of a Cornish Piskie (Pixie)!

Also with great interviews with Fantasy Photographer and host of The Fantasy Podcast – Oliver McNeil as well as film maker David Chaudoir on his new Indiegogo horror project 'Bad Acid'

00:00 – 16:58 – Intro

16:58 – 58:12 – My Bizarre Life Special – The Cornish Pixies, ABC's and Chimps!

58:12 – 01:57:15 – Interview – Dan Baines and Oliver McNeil of The Fantasy Podcast

01:57:15 – 02:24:28 – Interview – Film Maker David Chaudoir on 'Bad Acid'

02:24:28 - End - Outro

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