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"What's in that box Grandma?" I would ask, pointing to that small wooden chest sat high on a shelf in her study. I would spot it on every visit, nestled amongst her collection of leather-bound books and strange trinkets gathered on her travels.

"Please Grandma, what's in that box?"

"Sadness," she would sternly reply.

"Something so desperate and tragic that a heart as young as yours would simply break and so terrifying that it would snatch the breath from your lungs. I may show you one day, once you are old enough but please, do not ask again".

Barren – the Brothers Grimm meets The Twilight Zone in a classic 'Happy Never After' fairy tale of demons, dept and desperation. Lebanon Circle proudly presents the perfect concoction of storytelling and puzzling illusion; a simple yet powerful routine that carries the typical fairy tale trope of 'be careful what you wish for'.

Written over 8 years ago and only rediscovered after a tidy of the studio during lockdown, I've no idea how this treasure slipped through the net! Barren includes the newly revised Switch Witch II switch box and works with either the regular or larger version.

Barren comes in two versions to suit the post-Covid19 pocket – a standard version and large deluxe version with bigger cards, bigger props, bigger everything!



After years of pondering the contents of the box, many things had crossed my mind of what lay within, but never did I imagine the sight before me. Fifteen little dolls heads neatly sat in rows, pale, eyeless and carved from bone. Placed on top of the heads were three cards...

It's difficult to give a detailed synopsis of the routine without revealing too much of the story as each of the 3 key effects used in Barren are seamlessly interwoven with the dark fairy tale.  

In short and to satisfy your curiosity, Barren uses the Switch Witch to switch 3 cards followed by a simple forcing game using the Devil Head and some basic misdirection to mysteriously make the heads multiply.   No magic skills are required other than your ability to tell a good story and all of the magic moves are integrated into the story so that nothing seems unusual or superfluous.  But don't let the simplicity of Barren fool you into thinking this is a performance that won't 'wow' your audience.  Simple magic married to a spellbinding story is the true essence of Bizarre Magic and this is one of the finest examples available today.

You will receive:

A Switch Witch II box (regular or large option available)
17x Miniature Dolls Heads
7x Cards (6 tarot style story cards and 1 poem card)
1x PK gimmicked Devil Head
1x Woodcut style aged box
1x Black Change Bag
Printed Instruction Booklet and Script
+ Digital Pdf Version
Numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity

When you are not performing Barren you can also utilise these fine magician's tools for all of your other routines.  Who doesn't need a switch box, change bag and a PK gimmicked Devil Head?


Ordering Options

This effect includes The Switch Witch II, which is available in two sizes; standard and large.  Both boxes work the same, although the larger box will give you more space for prop storage.  The routine will work the same whichever size box you choose to order. 

More details on The Switch Witch II can be found here.

There is a 'Prop Only' version that gives you everything you need to perform apart from the box for customers who already own The Switch Witch II.     


For owners of previous versions of The Switch Witch

Barren has only been tested using The Switch Witch II.  If you own an earlier version of The Switch Witch, I also provide an upgrade and modification service that will make your Switch Witch compatible with On the Blood Reloaded, Barren and all other future releases that employ the use of a switch box. 

Click here for more details.

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