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The Amazing Traveling Feejee Mermaid January 29 2015

When your company creates props for a client base which is 80% overseas, the hard part is not the actual creation of the prop itself but making it durable enough to survive days in transit.

Probably the most sought after prop I build is also my most delicate.  The Feejee Mermaid is so delicate that even a short car journey will result in cracks and missing parts.  Having a popular prop that can't be shipped anywhere does not make business sense.  So, when a client from the US ordered one I took it as a challenge to create a travel proof prop that could be shipped globally and not suffer little if any damage.

It's a conundrum that has taken best part of 3 months of experimentation and head scratching to solve.  I've tested materials I never even knew existed and many failed mermaids have found themselves swimming in the studio bin however, the experimentation has finally paid off.  So, ladies and gentlemen roll up and gaze upon the hideous traveling Feejee Mermaid!


The Amazing Traveling FeeJee Mermaid

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The mermaid consists of a torso with fixed head, detachable arms, tail section and tail fin.  All of this slots together and is mounted on a base.  The end user can either glue the sections together for a permanent exhibit so simply slot it together and use it as a prop that can be taken on the road for various performances and exhibits.

At almost a meter long the mermaid will deconstruct into a small box allowing you to take her almost anywhere.   If any spines become broken they can be replaced and any chips or knocks can be easily remedied with a quick squirt of Dirty Down and a dab of liquid latex.

The mermaid comes with each section individually wrapped and boxed.  These are then packed into a larger box for transit ensuring your mermaid arrives in a state that was previously impossible.

Combined with a few faux whale bone mermaids, a map of Nantucket and other nautical artifacts the Feejee mermaid is just begging for an eerie bizarre performance script and routine.  Did I mention that I'm working on that as we speak?  'Sirens' will tell the unfortunate tale of a whales, shipwrecks and cannibalism.

The Amazing Traveling Feejee Mermaid - coming to a stage near you soon!