Two Doomsday's in 2016 I hear you say?! May 18 2015

To say Doomsday VI was a huge success would be the understatement of the year however , I left Whitby with a heavy heart...  

It was announced (yes, by me) that the event would move to London to make it more accessible for UK and international attendees.  Whitby, as you would imagine for a place riddled with vampires and Goths is remote and difficult to get to for most foreign and southern folk.  It was a difficult choice and I could sense a clear divide amongst the ranks.   

The last person I shook hands with before departing Doomsday was the bizarre mastermind behind one of the most memorable acts you will ever cast your eyes upon – Brian Maxwell and The Travelling Werewolf Show.  Now in his 80's he told me that if Doomsday relocated to London it would be too far for him to travel and rightly so.  More importantly, the Daddy of Doomsday Roni Shachnaey would unlikely be able to make the long journey south.  

During the six hour drive back to Heathrow I discussed the matter with my multinational council and thought long and hard about making Doomsday accessible to everyone, northerners, southerners and of course our overseas friends alike.  We addressed the pros and cons of having a Doomsday in London but ultimately we all agreed that Sneaton Castle in Whitby was the true home of the event.

Therefore I am delighted to announce that there will be not one but two Doomsdays in 2016!


Roni Shachnaey

Doomsday VII will stay at Sneaton Castle and will take place on 20th-22nd May followed by Doomsday by Gaslight in London on November 12th at Simon Drake's House of Magic

Doomsday VII with remain the premier Bizarre and Mystery Entertainment event in the UK and will cover all aspects of macabre magic, freakish sideshow acts and typically anything that might cause you to look away in disbelief!  This is as close as you can get to a real Addams Family gathering, and yes we do consider ourselves a family albeit a strange one!

Doomsday VII will be sponsored by Lebanon Circle Prop & Illusion Design

Doomsday by Gaslight will be set in the heart of Jack the Ripper territory in Simon Drake's 200 year old Victorian Mansion.  Experience an autumnal gathering of guests and performers from the world of horror, paranormal investigation and cult stage and screen!  The weekend kicks off with a tour of the Ripper murder sites, the Elephant Man museum, the Victorian operating theatre as well as other strange and unusual locations around the dark streets of London.

Doomsday by Gaslight will be sponsored by The Mystic Menagerie Podcast and The Spectral Times Magazine.

Tickets will go on sale next week.  Both Sneaton Castle and Simon Drake's House of Magic have capacity for 120 attendees.

So for now, thank you for being part of Doomsday and see you in 2016...


For now, here are some shots from Doomsday VI, enjoy!

Dr Diablo's Carnival Macabre

Bendy Bendini

Todd Landman 'Mystery Boxes'

Stuart Burrell - World Record Holding Escapologist & Artist

Oskar Hejll - Cabinet of Curiosities – Vampires

Voodoo Mick - The Singing Psychic

Lothar Malmberg - Echoes Seance

Lars Ruth - 'Arcanum Mentis – Secrets of the Mind'

Prof BC - At the Heart of the Tale

Dr Nicolas Grimoire - Tales From The Darker Side

Tracy Wise - Crime Scene Illusion

Brian Maxwell - The Travelling Werewolf Show

Rookman Swindler & Co - Glass Walking (and lying face down!)